In My Embrace – ‘Dead To Dust Descend’

Dead To Dust Descend – Nice gradual intro, with lots of melodic riffage and a warm, inviting feel, despite the growly vocal roars. There’s a definite catchiness inherent in this and generally, it’s a promising start.

To Forevermore – Immediate, impacting drum rolls opening, this time, moving with fluid ease into a gorgeously visual feast of metal Viking thunder. There’s something very cohesive about it and a real solid essence to it, that almost vibrates with power and fortitude.

Av Skymning Kommen, Mot Gryning Gar – (‘From dusk I came, towards dawn I go’) – Dreamily introing, with a profoundly touching acoustic section, which, combined with the blackened throaty roars, brings a novel perspective to things. Brief, yet quite moving, in an unusual way. Animalistic gore, added to gentle acoustics. Have to say, it’s a first for me and a surprisingly welcome one. Inexplicably compelling.

Diabolical Masquerade – This time, racing into life, with drum rolls taking centre stage, with their vibrant movement, precision timing and overall fun feel. WASP fans’ll hear a quick ref in there, to ‘War Cry’, intentional or not and either way, it’s a welcome insert, with plenty of rock factor.

Nattvandraren – Straight in there, with a no holds barred death vocal, setting the scene for more bloody violence and a fresh heaviness, holding you within its lair and filling you with metal pleasure and willingness to stay there. Enticing and entrapping, in the best possible way.

Remembrance – Lovingly played acoustic riff, with a certain sinister edge, also laying equal claim to the hypnotic backing vocals, creating a purity of such beauty, it does, in fact, incite you into reverent silence, with its memorial theme, as if it were actually Remembrance Day. There’s a palpable, almost permeable magic to it, infiltrating the senses, at a very deep level.

Av Stymning Kommen, Mot Gryning Gar – (Instrumental, Bonus, edited/clean V) – Opening the final chapter of this sensory storyline experience, acoustically, again, as it embeds itself in your psyche, with a fantastical, almost medieval flavour, fading out in the same simple, yet profound way. Demonstrating a sheer form of powerful mystique, it’s proof, beyond doubt, of the fluidity and ease with which I.M.E. glide from stark bravery and heaviness, to gentle beauty, in a thoroughly diverse, meaningful way.

Overall – A stunning display of range, versatility and variation, to rival a band of marching mercenaries, one minute and a band of Angels, the next. Awe-inspiring, highly gifted and truly, significantly unique.

9/10 *********

For fans of Viking and pirate metal, medieval, fantasy and folk metal, pagan metal, pure, classic, heavy metal, melo-death, black metal and everything in between. (Vid of licensed Diablo 3 material).



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