Fire Red Empress – ‘Giants’

Formed in 2014, merged from bands from both France and the UK, Fire Red Empress have crashed onto the scene, with their loud, impassioned hard rock sound, bringing with them their new single, ‘Giants’. Having played live at Bloodstock in 2015 and Summer Breeze Fest in Germany, they soon caught the attentions of such acclaimed names as Jason Hansen, (Volbeat producer), Metal Hammer and Classic Rock mags and received consequent airplay on Planet Rock and Radio X. Work on their debut album began in 2016, with new vocalist Jen Diehl. Their huge sounds and energies were well captured and strikingly produced, revealing themselves fully in the official ‘Giants’ video.

Launching straight into life, in the rockiest way, it’s instantly impacting, catchy and memorable. All Halestorm fans will love this, as Jen’s voice is so like Lzzy Hale’s, you just can’t fail to love the raucous, unashamed, energised sound. Perfected vocal and instrumental cohesion, it’s heavy, it’s hard, it’s upbeat and one listen’ll have you hooked. Confident, brash, solid delivery and closing in an abruptly no-nonsense manner, ‘Giants’ has got it all and is aptly titled, as it’s certainly a giant of a track. Get some now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Halestorm




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