Von Justice – ‘Bret Hart’

There are some EP’s which simply make you wonder why. This is one of them.

Bret Hart – Instant hit, catchy, rocky and upbeat. Even if it does carry an air of cartoon caricature, (though given the artwork and the tone of the background info, so bizarre I’m loathe to repeat it here, I’m sure that’s deliberate), it is kind of snappy. Way too short, though and consequently, no more opportunity than that to review it further.

Ric Flair Is A Bloody Wanker – I’ll refrain from elaborating on the title and leave that to your imagination. Another animation type, catchy track, with fun sounding descending scales, this time. There are lyrics, inaudible as they are, but you know, considering the title, I think we can figure them out. Again, it goes no further than that, since the song’s over before you’ve had time to absorb or even contemplate it for more than a few moments.

I Saw Hogan With Jimmy Hart – Roaring, ‘Gladiators’ style, with backing music. It does change tack, to a more constructive sound, with uplifting tones, but ultimately, sounds like it’s simply sending itself up, with the overall noise of a grown man, throwing a tantrum, in a public arena. I’m not quite sure what the point is.

Overall – The shortest EP in existence. A strange and surreal thing, which kills the perfectly good metal instrumentals, with its short lived, angry wrestler ‘vocals’. An expressive release of pent-up silliness, between rehearsals, perhaps? I dunno. You decide.

3/10 ***

For fans of Gladiators, Power Rangers and Marvel comics and figurines.

Lyric video: https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFsc8RIDd0I

https:// http://www.facebook.com/von-justice-1


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