Torqued – ‘Hollow Core’

Torqued are a 3 piece band, from South West UK, playing hard heavy-metal, with plenty of grooves. They’re formed from former members of: Frantic, Create Chaos, Vitriolic, Lex Umbra and Mad Hatter 2.0. Already having played Mosh Against Cancer Coventry and Uprising, their forthcoming gigs are: Wildfire Fest, Amplified Fest, The Midlands Metal Crusade, Facebarmageddon and Bloodstock Fest. ‘Hollow Core’, their latest 2 track EP, is an independent recording, mixed and mastered by Liberosis Music, about the consequences of excess and where they lead to, hence the term ‘Hollow Core’.

‘Forgotten Soul”s theme is feeling alone, despite being surrounded by and acknowledged by others. Its sound represents the noise around us, reassuring us that we’re not alone. ‘Open Wound’ is a darker track again, centring around (the theme of) self-harm and the need for others to know about it, though still insufficient to fulfil your needs, creating an endless cycle of self abuse.

Forgotten Soul – Busy, affecting drum intro, joined by enraged vocals, thoughtfully constructed riff sections and solidly embedded bass lines, forming a hard and heavy backdrop. One listen will clarify its themes, as you hear the almost palpable sense of solitude, hitting a brick wall of cold carelessness and empty rejection. Dark, real and direct.

Open Wound – Introing with the muffled, dejected sound familiar to all who resonate with Portishead’s ‘Roads’; it lays down the meaning and sense of extreme isolation instantly. Capturing so much intense, complex emotion, in 1 track, you can’t fail to grasp the essence of its message. Steady, rhythmic, well handled drum hits, interspersed with melodic riffage and noticeable vocal grit, all so competently wrapped up together, to create a quality song, whose beat and sense (of aloneness and dejection) will stay with you.

Overall – A skilled, intelligent creation, shot through with a certain noticeable, yet unidentifiable catchiness, which intrigues and resonates, simultaneously. Moving away from conventions of uplifting, upbeat sounds and the expectations of such, ‘Hollow Core’ stands alone, unafraid, brave and willing to risk being true to itself and its own individuality. Listen, with both eyes and ears open, let down your defences and let it take you wherever it takes you.

8/10 ********

For fans of The More I See, Portishead, Warpath, Soul Sanctuary and Belligerence.

The ‘Hollow Core’ Lyric video can be watched at:

Available now.


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