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Founded in 2010, Zero Tolerance from Chile, originally played covers, while finding their feet, till familiar enough with each other to play originals. Their debut gig locally, the same year, was well received, so they played more. 2011 was beset with difficult life circumstances, meaning things were put on hold till 2012, when their debut album was produced. They toured the album locally, to positive acclaim. It was eventually recorded in 2013 and finally released in 2014. At present, ZT are gigging infrequently, to allow them to focus on completing the second album. They remain as eager as ever to take up opportunities, as they become available. ‘Abismal’ was recorded in Quillota, Chile, at drummer Pablo’s Chilean-Colombian record label HQ – ‘WP Records Label and Distro’, which Pablo runs, in conjunction with his colleagues.

Intro – Banging, heavy intro. Plenty of steel and no bullshit. Just pure metal, ramped up to the max and already, it’s killer territory. Certainly no filler here. Chugging riffs, vibrant energy and a great impression, instantly. Exciting and fresh, it’s left me wanting more.

Cataclismo – Another crushingly metallic intro, stunning with its immediacy and wasting no time in showcasing its versatility, with vocals straddling black/death and Latin American thrash and sound to kill. The production values are simply amazing. Just feel the rolling thunder behind those battlecry drums and explosive riffs. Like Viking metal, violent thrash and everything in between, combined. You just can’t fail to be impressed by the palpable power driving this.

Falso Creador – It gets even louder, pushing up the power and ramping up the anger. The lyrics alone hold so much intensity, but together with the head splitting instrumentals, amount to what I can only describe as murderous expression, whose volume alone could kill.

Zero Tolerancia – Sheer magma flows from the top and keeps on flowing. There’s no escape from the death rays of metal sound emanating from ‘ZT’. Such unshakeable conviction exudes from every facet and it’s plain to see why they’ve taken their time with this release. Art like this is certainly not perfected overnight. It’s a volcano of face meltingly red-hot lava you can feel, as its energy pours down the mountain, surging through you and burning into your soul.

Agonia – Riffing its way through the fray, with the sheer abandonment of excess, it’s another killing track of inexplicable loudness and aggression, with a shockingly abrupt ending and a permanent impression of irrepressible energy. Readers of John Lydon’s book, ‘Anger Is An Energy’ can do no better than listening to this track, to comprehend that term fully.

Ahogando el Tormento – Never letting up for a minute, the hammer force drums take over here, not merely making their presence known, but battering their way onto the scene, with such force of will, you have to hear it to believe it. The ferociously fire fuelled riffs aren’t far behind. Just an insanely energised concoction of some of the angriest, rawest metal you’ll ever hear. I swear those vocals are almost monster like, growing increasingly so, by the minute. All in all, a monstrous melting pot of molten metal.

Colision – Pantera fans, delight! Taking flight, with the ‘Cowboys From Hell’ style riffs, this flies in a new direction, while keeping the vivid blood red energetic anger. Prepare to be heavily metallicized and never recover. Beating down every door in sight, it’s an unspeakably vicious metal attack.

Morfina Inmaterial – Changing the atmosphere, swapping the aural assault, for film score like darkness and creepy intrigue, just briefly at the intro, before bringing the incensed impassioned anger back again. Maintaining that relentless fired up fury, till the end; you needn’t worry that the anger’s dissipating, as it’s going nowhere soon. The energy’s so involving in here, it’s taking you with it, wherever it chooses to go.

Esclavos Del Poder – Opening with a one-off lightning cymbal hit, the animal-like dredged up, blood ravaged vocals hit you again, before you’re treated to some mean and moody riffs, much in the Zakk Wylde vein. Really going for it, with a full on, powered, high-impact cohesion of team effort metal, to blow the cobwebs away and strip the last of the skin from your face. Brutal isn’t the word.

Abismal – Introing the long-awaited title track, with another scorching riff, it doesn’t disappoint. No time’s wasted here. Wholehearted, face ripping metal you wouldn’t dare mosh to, for fear of losing a limb and bleeding out from every orifice, as all your vital organs are ripped from you. That’s about the strength of this metal. A better testament to the power of heavy metal, I can’t imagine.

Overall – A brutal, steel-edged monster of an album. Get the migraine therapy ready, cos you’re gonna need a lie down in a dark room, with maximum strength pain relief after this. Can you think of a bigger compliment to metal than that? No. Didn’t think so. It’s the hardest, heaviest, strongest steel toe capped boot of metal you’ll ever hear.

10/10 **********

For fans of Pantera, Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower, Skreamer, In My Embrace, Eternal Fear, Satarial and all forms of brutal, viking, extreme thrash metal. Abismal.rar

Also available physically, for $7 US. Contact bandpage or


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