BROOMFILLER – ‘Third Stage Propellor Index’

Agnostic Orgasmic – Crashing into life, with a very 70s/80s vibe – tons of melody, plenty of the punky attitude they’re going for and the whole thing comes together really nicely. Carrying an uplifting air to it, something about this says, ‘breath of fresh air’ and I’m liking it. Lots. An easy listen, performed with that sense of laid-back professionalism with which you can relax instantly. Encouraging start.

Figure It Out Quickly – Really chilled out sound, before bursting back into life, with more of that fun punkness I’m digging so much. Short and sweet, but you get the message. It’s all about light-hearted fun.

How Long, So Long – Nicely played riff intro and the vocals just flow into life, with effortless ease. Liking those twiddly paradiddles and the catchy chorus, making it so pleasurable to listen to. An abrupt end, yet it doesn’t seem to matter, as somehow, it’s already proved its enough.

High School Reunion – Very tasty old school punk riff intro, from which everything else just flows again. Varying the tone, here and there, alternating the pace and tempo, in such a workable way, to create a really listenable sound. Slightly sinister edge to the melody, in places, but picking the catchy lighter vibe back up again, in all the right places. Ending on a well-placed slide riff; job done.

Ordinary Day – Intro here reminding me slightly of AC/DC’s ‘She Likes Rock ‘N’ Roll’, whilst also echoing slightly, Black Bikini Alpha’s ‘Swag’. Those references aside, it’s just another pleasant listen, with an easy rhythm, with plenty of catch. Perhaps less substance to this one, but still, difficult to find any negatives about it. It’ll do fine.

A Different Way Of Falling – Lovely acoustic riff intro there, before moving fluidly into a gently amped up section, with intriguingly thought-provoking lyrics. Slightly samey in some ways, but again, no real bad points to note. Good wind down material, for a warm spring day.

Amputake – Okay, now it gets markedly heavier, at least at the outset, but yes, it’s still keeping a fairly heavy thread, in the choruses. Now the drums really come into effect and it’s as if a metal robot’s suddenly taken over. It does alternate between heavy and light, but it’s an interesting touch, if slightly perplexing as to why it’s introed at this point. The vocals flex their heavier muscles here, to quite positive effect. Ending on an energetic shout, it’s versatile, if nothing else.

Milly – Returning to gentility, just briefly, before heaviness comes into its own again. Rather maudlin lyrics, with a sound to match. Fairly percussive, in its general sound and introing a slight sense of R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion’, towards the close. You get the impression there are many different influences behind it and the outcome’s a bit of a mixed bag, sound-wise. No bad thing.

Tears Me Apart – Nice harmony intro. Lifting the mood back up again, (slightly, at least), but there’s just so much ease of flow, you just can’t help but be carried away by it. Quite brief in length, but it wraps it all up in the short time it has to do so. Creates a sensation of floating down a river. All in all, a relaxed, enjoyable listen.

Trant So – Opening up, with quite a classy lounge type sound, interwoven with heavier sections. Lots of melody and it’s a well chosen closer. Just a very melodic track, maintaining the laid-back feel that’s characterised the album throughout and proving consistency and self assured confidence, to the end.

Overall – A great listen, composed of a fitting mixture of punk sounds and influences, ranging from old school 70s/80s, to 90s modern and 00’s new wave. Laid-back, easy vibe, with positive flow and lightness of touch, for mood enhancing quality.

7/10 *******

For fans of Green Day, R.E.M., Linkin Park, The Clash, The Superphone.




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