All Kings Fall – ‘Drink To The Lost’

Heavy metal band from Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA, All Kings Fall, present their debut album ‘Drink To The Lost’. Influences: Pantera, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Gwar, Jeff Loomis. Performing with the energy and aggression of thrash, with an old school flavour; they have one simple mission – ‘to keep the metal scene raw, real and heavy’.

New Year’s Eve 2016 commemorated their first year together, which was when they performed ‘Of The Earth’ and ‘Toxic Ruin’. April Fools’ Day 2017 saw the release of ‘Drink To The Lost’. (Engineered by Mark Golde, of Rock Garden Studios, remastered by Roger Walters, of Muddy Banks Studios). The album’s already received airplay on Rock 94.7 and 96.9 Fox Homegrown, amongst others. Having been featured alongside high-profile mid-west bands, such as, Morbid Saint, All Out Mutiny and Sleaze, opened for national bands, The Art Of Dying, Letters From The Fire and Adelitas Way and performed at the 2017 Michael Graves benefit has already secured them plenty of exposure. They’re presently playing live gigs most weekends, while producing their new album, ‘Grip Control’ – most tracks from which are being performed live.

Shadows Beneath My Grave – World class thrash intro – setting the scene for instant carnage and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. As their promo claims, they actually do deliver. All the right sounds you associate with high-level sleazy thrash metal are offered here. Throat wrecking energised vocals, with a catchy buzz to the whole thing, it’s an ideal start to what promises to be a lively album.

Wake Up – I already have! Track one saw to that. ‘Wake Up’ gets straight into the very sounds that ensure you do just that, though and stay awake. A distinct 9o’s vibe to this and it takes you back to all the fun, exciting bands around back then. Deliciously old school and just filled with feel-good, colourful vibes, from start to finish.

Elephant Graveyard – The melodic essence of those yummy riffs opens the show, rapidly followed by some majorly energetic power screams, along with a volley of drums, fit to knock you flat on your face. It’s a track which rains metal down on you, with relentlessly joyful momentum and you’ll just want more.

Fight Or Die – Battering your senses, with a full on, drum assault, some unusual (dodgy sounding) grunts and tastefully sleazy lyrics. This is metal that’s unafraid, unashamed and unwilling to repress its energy for a single moment. A real sense of release and tons of anger. It’s the stuff true metal’s made of. Palpable power screams, loaded with sincerity of a level rarely heard, thrash attack instrumentals and a general sense of enthusiasm to kill.

Throne Of Bone – Dare we ask?! Awesomely metal beat, instantly catchy rhythm, slightly calmer track, but definitely no less fun or impassioned. Very subtle echo of Rammstein’s ‘Mutter’, at the end, which closes it really nicely. Just fun time metal, as usual.

Bury The Hatchet – Slicing into life, with full impact heavy thrash metal, in the most exhilarating way. You’ll remember that intro riff, for certain, for its slicing motion. Lots of Pantera influence in here and ‘Walk’ fans especially’ll enjoy this. Finishing off with a battery of drum rolls; it rocks ‘hard, heavy and animal’, (to quote the great Krusher Joule).

Scorched Earth – More of that gorgeous slide riffage, with a bit of deep throated growl and a ton of thrashy vocals – complemented by some very fittingly timed drumming; these guys know how to do thrash right. Enjoy the melody in that riffage, around 3/4 in and just rock out to the rest. Aptly titled, it’s a scorcher of a track.

Grasping Water – Opening with a cavalcade of drums and a total thrash vibe, it rocks, in the most metal way. It’s almost like a summons to rock out. Definitely more of a brutal edge to it, this is one for enraged frames of mind and lessons in how to blow the roof off rock venues).

Glass Jaw – Whoar! That’s the sound I just made at the outset and so will you. Power screams of maximum power and a whole heap of energy. Short, but immense, with a glaringly strong message. Lyrically astute; this’ll stick in your mind.

Drink To The Lost – A final battlecry drumming intro, throwing in some great backing harmonies and exuding aggression – they really go for it this time, upping the power even more, if that was even possible. You’re left in no doubt about AKF’s will to rock.

Overall – Fucking Hell! Like the spirit of thrash metal itself, emanating a fuck ton of energy and every last bit of passion and zest left within it. It’ll wake you up, shake you up and rattle your entrails, like a bag of broken bones. Get some now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Skid Row, Pantera, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Carcass and Taint.

Facebook: @allkingsfall

Instagram: @AKFbandofficial

Twitter: @AKFbandofficial

Booking Contact – Mike Gill


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