Vescera – ‘Beyond The Fight’

American Italian heavy-metal band Vescera formed in 2016. Their debut album, ‘Beyond The Fight’, was released in 2017, via Pure Steel Records. It’s composed of front man Mike Vescera, former Nitehawks members, guitarist Mike Petrone and bassist Frank Leone and Annihilator drummer Fabio Alessandrini. Vocalist Mike has previously provided vocals for Yngwie Malmsteen, Loudness and his own band, Obsession. All tracks on Vescera’s debut album were written by bassist Frank.

Blackout In Paradise – That’s one heavy duty, high impacting drum intro! You won’t hear that often. Hard-hitting vocals to match and the same can be said of the riffs – mega powered as they are. Everything comes together so naturally, it’s as if this band was meant to be. It’s one solid, highly crazed, energetic burst of excitement. Fun paced, lively feel, everyone giving their all. One thing’s for sure. You’re gonna want to hear more. To call it an impressive start would be a massive understatement.

In The Night – More focused space within the intro drumming this time, with the rest following suit, as the pace calms slightly, but definitely no less exciting. Just thoroughly metal and all that goes with it. Packed with intensely colourful riffs, equally intense melody, life affirming vocals and sheer, unbridled power. It rocks so hard, it’s beyond any words.

Stand And Fight – Racing into life, with sheer volume, power screams from metal Heaven and utterly delightful, entrancing instrumentals. Climbing up those riff scales, with a level of freedom and abandon only the truly metal will comprehend and speeding through the track, to the end, it’s just a full on metal delight.

Dynamite – Another drumming battalion introing, slightly reminiscent of Ozzy’s ‘The Ultimate Sin’ album, in places, but ultimately, moving with total accomplished expertise, into their own individual metal celebration. Turn it up to the max. Hammering it home, all the way, metallic exuberance doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Looking For Trouble – Blitzing the show, with immediate impact, there’s a slight Queen essence in here, but again, it’s just so thoroughly metal. Old school, combined with new spins and a classic line-up make this an exceptional sound. If you ever wondered what truth sounds like, in metal music format, this is it.

Vendetta – Straight in there, once again, with all guns blazing; vibrancy is something Vesecra could teach the world. Keeping the pace consistently, with highbrow momentum, the performance is just flawless. Vivid and alive, great catchy hooks and pace throughout, loaded with melody, steel force and metal thunder – it’s utterly breathtaking.

Troubled Man – With one all-powerful drum hit and startlingly clear vocal intro, it lays down the vibe and ups the impact even more. Challenging themselves to strengthen the power, every time, they’d stand up to the highest judgement. Effortless, full flavour, top-level metal. So much fun to be had within it.

Never Letting Go – Introing here, with an anthemic sound, resonant of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, but even more metal, louder, faster and getting increasingly so. Hear a bit of Rainbow’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ in there, too? That brilliant blend of various old school influences, added to which, their own completely unique and heavily laid down twists and vibes are what makes this whole album so damn special and so damn sexy. Ending on a classic harmony combo, it just takes you straight to metal Paradise.

Suite 95 – Ooh, Judas Priest fans’ll get off on this ‘Hell Patrol’ type intro. It’s got all the right stuff. Feel-good sounds, determined enthusiasm, lively, uplifting riffs, fresh, exuberant drumming, classic smooth, slick vocals, all delivered with consummate ease. It just works, on every imaginable level.

Overall – An absolute blast of high octane, super fuelled, adrenaline buzzed metal, to excite, astound and thrill your senses, to overload. Even then, it still won’t be enough. Such a magical combo of life affirming genius as this is rare as gold dust – which just about summarises ‘B.T.F.’

10/10 **********

For fans of old school greats, such as Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Def Leppard, Anthrax, WASP, Queen, Saxon.


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