Devilfire – ‘Waiting For A Rock Star’

Ahead of their forthcoming album, ‘Dark Manoeuvres’, Devilfire bring you their latest video release, ‘Waiting For A Rock Star’. Launching straight in there, with a really classic rocky intro, cemented by the visuals and rock star images portrayed in the video. Harking back to that nostalgic 90’s vibe of rockers who looked, played, walked and talked the part, with truth and conviction oozing out of every pore, that’s what this track and video are about. The song screams ‘rock’, with all the deliciously tantalising guitar riffs to prove it. The setting’s an intriguing old country castle and its grounds, which though it may be neither here nor there, adds a sense of elusive mystique to the track, opening it up some more. Some may say it’s derivative. I say it rocks. Hard.

8/10 ********

For fans of 90’s rock, with a classic flavour.

Catch them headlining, at Birmingham O2 Academy, on August 26th and Sheffield O2 Academy HRH Sleaze, on September 2nd.


One Response to “Devilfire – ‘Waiting For A Rock Star’”

  1. Devilfire Says:

    Danny Buerkle

    Ahead of their forthcoming album,

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