Psython – ‘HATRED’

Five piece metal band Psython, from South Yorkshire, formed in 2014. Embodying the speed and precision of thrash, strength and force of metal and marrying it with the rage and venom of crossover, hard-core punk, their mission is a basic one – to practice the process of ‘write, record, practice, play’, producing a new album annually and playing as many live gigs as possible. Their self produced debut album, ‘Outputs’, was launched in 2016 and 30 gigs later, has been met with widespread acclaim. Having so far supported such highly esteemed bands as Cattle Decapitation, Akercocke, Down To Nothing, Onslaught, Ballsdeep, PIST, Witch Tripper, SHVPES etc, Psython have now cemented their reputation, as a serious and dedicated metal band, within the underground scene. This, their second album, is now ready for planned release, on 1st September 2017.

J+Armungandr – Punchy, hard-hitting, raw aggression introing – such fitting, passionately performed lyrics, there’s no denying the sheer, ultimate power infecting this, from the word go. Skilfully placed riff melodies and an angrily catchy edge running through it, this is just laced with originally delivered metal intent. An absolute powerhouse blitzfest of thrash, from start to finish. Ones to watch, for certain.

Battery Life – Racing on into the fray, with full-scale metal assault, it’s a battle trooper of a song, loaded with high velocity riffage, enraged vocals and speed to kill. Relentless attack, from beginning to end. Power charged fury, at lightning pace.

Teeth – Drumming taking centre stage now, another crazed paced blitz of metal ammo, coming at you, with absolute conviction and spitting fury, in an intensely edgy way. Spot the vibrato in there and feel the incensed catch do it’s thing again, before it ends, with a shockingly precise, abrupt finale.

H.A.T.E. – Storming onto the scene, with a loaded, rage filled message – it means business and it doesn’t hesitate to tell you so. One listen to those lyrics and you’ll hope never to make enemies of these guys. Intelligent melodies, wah wah effect and blatant aggression rules the day – standout track, for certain.

Chai latte – Banging intro, rocking into life and metalling up the place, with total thrash. This works and belongs firmly in the mosh pit. Headbangers delight, it’s just fun, frollicking, intense thrash. Incorporating vibrant melodies, thrashy rhythm and very slight edge of a heavily metallicised Jane’s Addiction, it’s long enough to savour and it’s got something for everyone. A stunner of a track.

Ten Pounds – Firing up the pace even more and throwing in a real, heartfelt sense of anger, it’s a metal blitzkrieg. Slight echoes here of Obey’s ‘Gutless’ and the same rage filled pace as G’N’R’ ‘s ‘Right Next Door To Hell’. Pure intense violence, yet it still intersperses melodic riffs and anthemic vocals, from which an evident serenity shines through. There’s definitely something very real and sincere about this and it’s emotion catches you every time.

One Indeed – A drumming frenzy opens it up this time and an audible solid determination emanates from every component. As if you can hear them, mentally pinning someone against a wall and using them as a punch machine: the energy of the moment just pours out, in torrents. This kind of intention is rare and it’s a big deal. Something about it reminds me of The More I See’s ‘Fear Of Death’. An impressive feat, in itself.

Hashtrap – Massively expressive shout introing; joyful chaos ensues, from there on in. Battering you to death, with an epic drumming storm, it gets right up in your face and blasts itself into your memory. A welcome bit of warrior vocals, the power in this is enough that it doesn’t need to be any longer. It’s fearsome message is clear.

Old Man – Opening with a noticeable slight delay, already, it’s slower pace and darker thread fits with the title, but don’t think for a moment that you’ll get away with a lesser impact, cos it soon confirms its position on that, with a palpable stoning vision of heaviness. Soon reinforcing that impression, with a truly steel edged metal war, the vocals alone spell cathartic release. Ending on a hollow tunnel effect, it just screams power.

Overall – An epically produced and performed piece of work, just drenched in pure, original metal intent. Makes for a highly pleasurable and thought-provoking listen and a refreshing change from some of the derivative styles emerging from the scene. Whilst ‘HATRED’ has some nods to classic influences, it doesn’t rely on them; positioning them carefully and correctly, alongside their own highly original material, forming the vast majority of the album. A rare example of a truly invested band and the extraordinary quality of metal they create.

8/10 ********

For fans of high octane thrash metal and NWOBHM, such as The More I See, Obey, viking metal, hard-core punk, such as Jane’s Addiction, moshing metal, heavy, dark, deathy, power metal, such as Obzidian and Spreading The Disease and old school thrash and trad heavy-metal.


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  1. Psython Says:

    Nelda Antrican

    Five piece metal band Psython, from South Yorkshire, formed in 2014. Embodying the speed and precision of thrash, strength and force of metal and marrying it with the rage and venom of crossover, hard-core punk, their mission is a basic one – to practi…

  2. Candance Reever Says:

    Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

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