Brainthrash – ‘Brain Rangers’

Introducing ‘Brain Rangers’, current release from Brainthrash, from Finland, founded in 2005. Influences include: Exodus, Vio-lence, Testament, Demolition Hammer, Sepultura, etc, 80’s thrash. ‘B.R.’ is their 3rd self release so far, following ‘Major Mayhem’, (2006) and ‘Mental Kombat’ (2012). Presently unsigned, Brainthrash are a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Vomit Protector – Exploding into life, with high-level thrash energy, instant affecting impact. We know where this is going immediately – always a very reassuring factor in thrash). Littered with great, energised, joyful power screams and frantic, impassioned instrumentals. It’s got a great, uplifting, cheerful buzz about it and generally, it’s a fantastic intro.

Die Right – Bursting out of its cage, with full tilt, exciting, in your face metal. It knows how to rock. Vivid and colourful thrash lives and breathes here. It’s found a good home, if those vibrantly energised, cohesive arrangements are anything to go by. It’s just a really fun, lively track, with slight echoes of H.O.D.’s ‘Kicked To The Kerb’.

Major Mayhem – Ace, percussive intro, vocals going up a gear, to skilful aggression, without losing any of the fun. Instrumentals growing ever more thunderous and the whole thing just carries a solid, thoughtful determination. Another fab listen, with a fresh, upbeat energy about it.

Kannibal Clock – Once more, the percussion element intro’s, rapidly followed by fulsome, powered up accompaniments. Catchy as hell and more of an anthemic feel to this, in sections. Some thoroughly gorgeous and patently sexy riffage and those vocals hold such a force of life and energy, it’s impossible to avoid. Fading out on a luscious feedback riff, this is power incarnate.

Big Bitch – Intriguingly mechanical intro, matching the intrigue of the title. Getting in there straight away, with some demon fret work and they’ve chosen some lush scales to base it around. That finger work’s one capable motherfucker, as is the accompanying rhythm. Re-injecting that anthemic strand, at just the right point and you’ll join in, before it ends. This is some inspired team worked monster of a track.

Thanatomania – Opening with a classic Slayer-esque riff, to die for. Imagine a re-worked, newer version of ‘Dead Skin Mask’ and you’re there. Intensely skilled is an understatement. This level of accuracy and precision is something few bands can pull off, especially when performed with such genuine exuberance. It just infects you with its joy. A dead cert for the collections of all true thrash metal purists.

All The Chambers – Slightly bizarre turn of events, in that oriental voice-over intro, but never mind, as the anger and energy of the thrash soon takes over. Never failing in its metallic duty, it follows it to the letter, in this shining example of thrash paradise. Blitzing through the track, with impressive speed, the cymbals end it, with as much heightened energy as they can muster. Stunning.

Mental Kombat – Another hit of that percussive passion and a mightily impressive power scream intro and on it continues, with an air of absolute metallic glory. Packed to the rafters, with all the best ingredients – catchy rhythms, happy vibes, melodic energy, thrashy consistency throughout, screaming with enthusiasm, it’s a beast, of epic proportions.

Brain Rangers – Bang! That’s how to open a closer). Already, I hear the reassuring tones of easy thrash reliability. Upbeat choruses, amazingly Slayer-esque riffage, addictive pace, loud, powerful vocals, an anthemic edge, all topped off with frenetically life affirming drumming and a steady, lively bass underpinning it. It’s everything I love about thrash metal.

Overall – Infuckingcredible. If ever you’re in any doubt about what your next metal purchase should be, it’s ‘Brain Rangers’. A truly, astoundingly effective dose of thrash metal power, to overdose on, for the rest of your life. Buy it now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax and all great representations of solid thrash metal true bloods.



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