Deserter – ‘Coils Of The Lesser Serpent’

Deserter began in Belgium, in 2010, as a true thrash metal band. Quickly emerging as a genuine talent, they brought their own translation of explosive thrash, such as Sodom, Destruction and their own icons, Kreator. A year on, they launched their debut demo, ‘Beauty In Chaos’, recorded via traditional methods, to produce the edgy, rough, aggressive sound they wanted and thus, demonstrate their potential. Proving surprisingly successful, this then led to over 50 live gigs, throughout Belgium’s metal underground, from 2010-2012.

Following this success, Deserter faced the usual band contentions, politics and line-up changes. Their EP, ‘Chernobyl’s Beauty’, was severely delayed, as a result, eventually being released in 2013, a year later than originally planned. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a problematic production for the guys and consequently, they moved forward from it, using their experiences and the associated emotional fallout from them, plus their continued passion for music, to create new material. Broadening their musical horizons, they now began creating music with a deeper impact and meaning than before.

In 2014, ‘Global Ruination’ launched. Though it was fairly well received, assisting their progression, to a full-length album, whilst consolidating their reputation, on the live circuit, they were once more, struggling, with some issues, necessitating change. Consequently, the line-up again began to evolve.

Once ‘COLTS’ was released, things began to improve, with this album showing the band at their best. This was in part, down to their being so particular about its sound and structure. It therefore, conveys the bands’ message much more clearly, assisted by the new life breathed into it, by the current line-up. The band are much happier with the new sound and more confident in its reflections of their standards. Now being signed to Vile Records, USA, with their music widely available and support, from a deservedly well-known, established metal promoter, Deserter are looking forward to their future, with well earned optimism and are now ready to unleash their music and its message on the world).

Darkening Clouds Over Utopia – Suitably eerie, intriguing ambience introing, injecting a strong sense of suspense, before the eagerly awaited thrash metal assault launches into life, with explosive effect. Brief, but to the point).

Urban Gehenna – Opening with a truly classic thrash attack, this is old school, at its best. Catch, heavy melody, inbuilt Slayer-esque sound, lightning fast pace, face meltingly fiery riffs and a wall of furiously delivered, acutely precise drum rolls. Metal mayhem.

Headhunter – It gets even hotter, wilder and faster. Picking up the already frenetic pace, throwing in some blackened death growls, it’s a collective blitz fest of thunderstorm drumming, red hot riffs and palpable creative passion.

Carnal Carnival – Explosive start, firing out the metal, at full impact, it just bangs. Increasing the tension, as it goes, it’s a full-scale firework display. The Kreator influence is in plain sight here, as they give it all they’ve got.

Where Emptiness Ends – Beginning with a lovely emotional flamenco style acoustic section, that is, in fact, how it continues, as a full acoustic instrumental, closing with light rain effect. Beautiful.

Cry Of The Forsaken – Banging into life, with a violent drum and riff intro, there’s no shortage of heaviness here and it’s just glorious. Blackened vocals again, come to life, matching the violent instrumental intensity, note for note. Blitzing through the track, revealing a veritable battering ram of volatile aggression, you’d have your work cut out to match this.

Bombing Flight – If you thought that last track was heavy, this one’s even heavier and harder, with even more riff melody thrown in and you really would think Slayer had entered the room. A forcefield of pure, sustained thrash aggression. It’s in your face and beats the life out of anything and anyone who stands in its way. Doom mongers and naysayers, be damned. They won’t survive, in the face of this forceful blast of thrash metal energy.

Warscar – Arena style drumming, more deliciously Slayer-esque riffs, extremity abounds, the Devil rides and it’s victorious. If ever there was an exercise in metal cred demo, this’d win it, hands down. Faster and faster, the rapid fire pace just sweeps you up and takes you with it. The drumming is so intense, at one point, it actually begins to sound like a helicopter and in fact, as if by magic, a helicopter sound effect appears, in the closing section, with the gorgeously performed acoustic guitar addition and the returning rain, topping it off wonderfully. Beyond powerful.

Overall – Intensely powerful, volcanic eruption, of violent, volatile thrash metal expression. Fantastically vivid aural description of untamed, uncensored, unfettered release of explosive, profound emotion. Deeply affecting.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Kreator, Testament, Children Of Bodom, Carcass, Exodus.


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