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BROOMFILLER – ‘Third Stage Propellor Index’   53 comments

Agnostic Orgasmic – Crashing into life, with a very 70s/80s vibe – tons of melody, plenty of the punky attitude they’re going for and the whole thing comes together really nicely. Carrying an uplifting air to it, something about this says, ‘breath of fresh air’ and I’m liking it. Lots. An easy listen, performed with that sense of laid-back professionalism with which you can relax instantly. Encouraging start.

Figure It Out Quickly – Really chilled out sound, before bursting back into life, with more of that fun punkness I’m digging so much. Short and sweet, but you get the message. It’s all about light-hearted fun.

How Long, So Long – Nicely played riff intro and the vocals just flow into life, with effortless ease. Liking those twiddly paradiddles and the catchy chorus, making it so pleasurable to listen to. An abrupt end, yet it doesn’t seem to matter, as somehow, it’s already proved its enough.

High School Reunion – Very tasty old school punk riff intro, from which everything else just flows again. Varying the tone, here and there, alternating the pace and tempo, in such a workable way, to create a really listenable sound. Slightly sinister edge to the melody, in places, but picking the catchy lighter vibe back up again, in all the right places. Ending on a well-placed slide riff; job done.

Ordinary Day – Intro here reminding me slightly of AC/DC’s ‘She Likes Rock ‘N’ Roll’, whilst also echoing slightly, Black Bikini Alpha’s ‘Swag’. Those references aside, it’s just another pleasant listen, with an easy rhythm, with plenty of catch. Perhaps less substance to this one, but still, difficult to find any negatives about it. It’ll do fine.

A Different Way Of Falling – Lovely acoustic riff intro there, before moving fluidly into a gently amped up section, with intriguingly thought-provoking lyrics. Slightly samey in some ways, but again, no real bad points to note. Good wind down material, for a warm spring day.

Amputake – Okay, now it gets markedly heavier, at least at the outset, but yes, it’s still keeping a fairly heavy thread, in the choruses. Now the drums really come into effect and it’s as if a metal robot’s suddenly taken over. It does alternate between heavy and light, but it’s an interesting touch, if slightly perplexing as to why it’s introed at this point. The vocals flex their heavier muscles here, to quite positive effect. Ending on an energetic shout, it’s versatile, if nothing else.

Milly – Returning to gentility, just briefly, before heaviness comes into its own again. Rather maudlin lyrics, with a sound to match. Fairly percussive, in its general sound and introing a slight sense of R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion’, towards the close. You get the impression there are many different influences behind it and the outcome’s a bit of a mixed bag, sound-wise. No bad thing.

Tears Me Apart – Nice harmony intro. Lifting the mood back up again, (slightly, at least), but there’s just so much ease of flow, you just can’t help but be carried away by it. Quite brief in length, but it wraps it all up in the short time it has to do so. Creates a sensation of floating down a river. All in all, a relaxed, enjoyable listen.

Trant So – Opening up, with quite a classy lounge type sound, interwoven with heavier sections. Lots of melody and it’s a well chosen closer. Just a very melodic track, maintaining the laid-back feel that’s characterised the album throughout and proving consistency and self assured confidence, to the end.

Overall – A great listen, composed of a fitting mixture of punk sounds and influences, ranging from old school 70s/80s, to 90s modern and 00’s new wave. Laid-back, easy vibe, with positive flow and lightness of touch, for mood enhancing quality.

7/10 *******

For fans of Green Day, R.E.M., Linkin Park, The Clash, The Superphone.



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Cherokii – ‘Hurricane’   Leave a comment

Two-piece punk n’ roll band, Cherokii, from Oxford, formed June 2015. Tipped as band to watch in 2016, they’re known as one of Oxford’s liveliest live acts. Becoming renowned for their exciting, high-impact presence and performances, they’re now known as ‘Royal Blood on steroids’. Cherokii’s demo ‘Warehouse’ and singles ‘Hurricane’ and ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ have been played on BBC introducing and they’ve also supported Raven Eye and Electric Six on stage. Having already played several gigs at Oxford’s O2 Academy, they’re now confirmed for numerous festivals, including: Wychwood, Common People, Riverside, OXROX and DPM, in Repaix, France. Aiming to move up the ladder, from local to national band to watch, 2017 looks like a big year in the making, for Cherokii.

Hurricane – Immediate rocky intro, moving into an unusually rap-like section, with a bluesy undertone. Easy beat, rolling rhythm, confidently performed; it’s clearly got potential. Echoes of noise and pop rock combined, it’s a sound more reminiscent of chart rock, than heavier fayre, but the audible enthusiasm should compensate and its commercial viability will take it far. A tad repetitive, especially towards the close, would definitely benefit from more focus on injecting individuality and a greater range of notation, but as an early work, it’s a good start.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Instantly noticeable intro, with well honed lyrical timing. Very visually evocative of Native American culture, throwing in Tomahawk sound effects and ritual imagery – a unique approach in itself. Again, though, awkward to categorise, genre specifically and as such, hard to place in your imagination, as a live act. However, such one-off styles as this can hold hidden benefits, in memorability terms and there’s often much to be said for acquired tastes. It’s vocally diverse, being equally sung and spoken and the cultural references may reflect the need for more modern socially representative genres within the industry.

Overall – An acquired sound, which though brave in diversifying and differentiating itself from the crowd, could benefit from the use of catchy hooks and inclusion of some standard rock sounds, with which fans could identify. The clashing sounds and influences in each track leave room for confusion too, as it’s initial styles are more generically derivative, whilst the second track leaves the impression of being far more culturally influenced. Given it’s punk n’ roll nature, it’s surprisingly devoid of any discernible punk sound, leaning much more towards the Native American atmosphere. Whilst it may not be for everyone, Cherokii’s music may open up a niche market and succeed in bringing Native American (specific) rock to the masses.

5/10 *****

For fans of cultural niche rock and Native American music in particular.


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Zero Tolerance – ‘Abismal’   1 comment

Founded in 2010, Zero Tolerance from Chile, originally played covers, while finding their feet, till familiar enough with each other to play originals. Their debut gig locally, the same year, was well received, so they played more. 2011 was beset with difficult life circumstances, meaning things were put on hold till 2012, when their debut album was produced. They toured the album locally, to positive acclaim. It was eventually recorded in 2013 and finally released in 2014. At present, ZT are gigging infrequently, to allow them to focus on completing the second album. They remain as eager as ever to take up opportunities, as they become available. ‘Abismal’ was recorded in Quillota, Chile, at drummer Pablo’s Chilean-Colombian record label HQ – ‘WP Records Label and Distro’, which Pablo runs, in conjunction with his colleagues.

Intro – Banging, heavy intro. Plenty of steel and no bullshit. Just pure metal, ramped up to the max and already, it’s killer territory. Certainly no filler here. Chugging riffs, vibrant energy and a great impression, instantly. Exciting and fresh, it’s left me wanting more.

Cataclismo – Another crushingly metallic intro, stunning with its immediacy and wasting no time in showcasing its versatility, with vocals straddling black/death and Latin American thrash and sound to kill. The production values are simply amazing. Just feel the rolling thunder behind those battlecry drums and explosive riffs. Like Viking metal, violent thrash and everything in between, combined. You just can’t fail to be impressed by the palpable power driving this.

Falso Creador – It gets even louder, pushing up the power and ramping up the anger. The lyrics alone hold so much intensity, but together with the head splitting instrumentals, amount to what I can only describe as murderous expression, whose volume alone could kill.

Zero Tolerancia – Sheer magma flows from the top and keeps on flowing. There’s no escape from the death rays of metal sound emanating from ‘ZT’. Such unshakeable conviction exudes from every facet and it’s plain to see why they’ve taken their time with this release. Art like this is certainly not perfected overnight. It’s a volcano of face meltingly red-hot lava you can feel, as its energy pours down the mountain, surging through you and burning into your soul.

Agonia – Riffing its way through the fray, with the sheer abandonment of excess, it’s another killing track of inexplicable loudness and aggression, with a shockingly abrupt ending and a permanent impression of irrepressible energy. Readers of John Lydon’s book, ‘Anger Is An Energy’ can do no better than listening to this track, to comprehend that term fully.

Ahogando el Tormento – Never letting up for a minute, the hammer force drums take over here, not merely making their presence known, but battering their way onto the scene, with such force of will, you have to hear it to believe it. The ferociously fire fuelled riffs aren’t far behind. Just an insanely energised concoction of some of the angriest, rawest metal you’ll ever hear. I swear those vocals are almost monster like, growing increasingly so, by the minute. All in all, a monstrous melting pot of molten metal.

Colision – Pantera fans, delight! Taking flight, with the ‘Cowboys From Hell’ style riffs, this flies in a new direction, while keeping the vivid blood red energetic anger. Prepare to be heavily metallicized and never recover. Beating down every door in sight, it’s an unspeakably vicious metal attack.

Morfina Inmaterial – Changing the atmosphere, swapping the aural assault, for film score like darkness and creepy intrigue, just briefly at the intro, before bringing the incensed impassioned anger back again. Maintaining that relentless fired up fury, till the end; you needn’t worry that the anger’s dissipating, as it’s going nowhere soon. The energy’s so involving in here, it’s taking you with it, wherever it chooses to go.

Esclavos Del Poder – Opening with a one-off lightning cymbal hit, the animal-like dredged up, blood ravaged vocals hit you again, before you’re treated to some mean and moody riffs, much in the Zakk Wylde vein. Really going for it, with a full on, powered, high-impact cohesion of team effort metal, to blow the cobwebs away and strip the last of the skin from your face. Brutal isn’t the word.

Abismal – Introing the long-awaited title track, with another scorching riff, it doesn’t disappoint. No time’s wasted here. Wholehearted, face ripping metal you wouldn’t dare mosh to, for fear of losing a limb and bleeding out from every orifice, as all your vital organs are ripped from you. That’s about the strength of this metal. A better testament to the power of heavy metal, I can’t imagine.

Overall – A brutal, steel-edged monster of an album. Get the migraine therapy ready, cos you’re gonna need a lie down in a dark room, with maximum strength pain relief after this. Can you think of a bigger compliment to metal than that? No. Didn’t think so. It’s the hardest, heaviest, strongest steel toe capped boot of metal you’ll ever hear.

10/10 **********

For fans of Pantera, Kyrbgrinder, Boltthrower, Skreamer, In My Embrace, Eternal Fear, Satarial and all forms of brutal, viking, extreme thrash metal. Abismal.rar

Also available physically, for $7 US. Contact bandpage or

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After Dusk ‘The Character Of Physical Law’   27 comments

Heavy metal from Athens, Greece, founded in 1998, After Dusk have so far produced 3 albums, played at various festivals and venues and completed their demo, ‘Senses Of Dusk’, in 2005. Their 1st album, ‘The Witch’s Pact’, was produced and self released in 2006, as a limited copy release. ‘Hybris’, their 2nd album, came out in 2008, released internationally, in 2009. 3rd album, ‘The Devil Got His Soul’, in 2012 and a single entitled ‘Gamma Ray Burst’, in 2013. ‘TCOPL’ was released in May 2017, in an attempt to merge all their influences (heavy, thrash and black metal). Self produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by George Emmanuel. So far, their music’s been highly and widely acclaimed and was very well received by Metal Hammer.

The Character Of Physical Law – Crashing intro, as heavy as fuck! Setting the scene in an instant, it’s clear from the off where we stand with After Dusk. Heavy metal all the way. Turning up the volume and keeping it at max, there’s darkness and light, a bit of gothic stuff, a sinister edge, heavy riffage, solid drums aplenty and melody, suffused with concrete slabs of blackness. Ending on a well timed cymbal hit, one thing this doesn’t suffer from is samey monotony. It’s a positive feast of eclectic metal, combined, to produce a sound as hard, definitive and heavy as hell.

Masters Of Earth – Back into the loudness and atmospheric echo chamber we go. Lifting the mood here, the vocals soar upwards, slotting so perfectly, into the collective skull crushing metal sound. Throwing in a cleverly placed power scream, the freshness and feel of the pounding instrumentals hammers at your brain.

A Phantom Epiphany – Sliding right in there, with some well classy sleaze riffs and anthemic power vocals, the noise of all-encompassing steel overtakes you, leaving no room for anything else but metal. Filling the space in your head with violent, spirited metal, finishing on an all-time, unforgettable riff you’ll be hooked on forever more. (Guess the sound-alike source).

A Corpse With A Smile – Rare, penetrating organ intro, the vocals just fly through this and the riffs match the sense of upward flight, taking centre stage, briefly, for some exceedingly fine melodies. Slight Ozzy-esque vocals in here, a tad reminiscent of ‘Over The Mountain’, fittingly enough. Losing none of that hard as stone essence, the drums come into focus again, towards the close, showing once more, what they’re made of.

Mindinfestation – Right in there, losing no time at all, with a magnificent riff display of sheer brilliance. Power is the word, where this track’s concerned and again, you’ll be reminded of another elusive track from rock’s back pages, on which they build, so inventively, creating their own unique formula, which rocks so hard, it ends on a leaden drum hit you’d be hard-pressed to find replicated anywhere. Sussed it out yet? Yep. It’s Maiden’s ‘Where Eagles Dare’. A damn fine riff on which to construct your own signature spin and they do carry it off with aplomb.

Pyroclastic Flow (Honeydoom) – Ooh, introing with an electrifying riff, highly reminiscent of Judas Priest’s ‘The Ripper’. Carrying on, down those magically metallic riff scales, with their own thunderously heavy performance, searing those riffs onto your brain, with blazing firebrands. Never resting on their laurels for a minute, introing a new, mind meltingly beautiful melody, just before the closing drum finale; ‘PF’ has to be a hit.

Even The Sun Must Die – Bang! Drumming extravaganza opening, just in case you thought for a moment you knew what to expect. Vocals just as powerful, but taking a slight backseat, this time, with a notably gentler tone, allowing a stronger instrumental focus. Fist pumping choruses, battering your senses, with those hard-line drums and penetrative riffs – it’s another hands down winner.

Take The Bitterness Away – Introing now, with a gentle acoustic/electric combo, touching your senses so softly, yet so powerfully. Taking things in a whole new direction, there’s so much inherent beauty, emotion and expression wrapped up in this. You’ll feel it moving and flowing right through you. A metal song made for the heart. Simply gorgeous.

King Of Misery – More electricity, hitting you full in the face, in riff form – it’s very welcome and interweaves heaviness and gentility, with absolute accomplishment. Just a glorious riff fest, made of all the right ingredients. Injecting so much catch into those riffs, giving those epically heavy drums one final outing, it ends on a cohesive vocal, riff and drum combo, so effortlessly delivered, it need do no more.

Overall – A simply stunning, fired up album, full of sheer delights, from start to finish. Metal mastery, magnificently displayed.

10/10 **********

For fans of old school metal, eg Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Megadeth, Alice Cooper; new wave artists, eg, Sebastian Bach, Trivium, White Wizzard.

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