Reckless Jacks – ‘Alone’

Reckless Jacks is an indie pop rock band, with old school emphasis. All members have past experience of session work with some esteemed artists. The thought-provoking messages in their music revolve around bygone eras, melody, emotion and catchy nostalgic déjà vu. Their debut was a well attended gig at Paris’s Bus Palladium, at which, Hozier, Kasabian and Mick Jagger previously played. It was a well-received performance, leading to various offers, from big-name agents, of support gigs and respected festival stage slots. At that point, though, they chose to utilise the next two years, rehearsing and preparing their music, to ensure quality productions would result.

Their EP was recorded at the Stereophonics’ new Studios in London, by Jim Lowe, the Stereophonics’ own producer. He was so impressed with their boundless enthusiasm, hard-working natures and their work itself, that writing collaborations began, between them. Jim Lowe claims that R.J.’s hold international appeal and the potential to go right to the top.

Alone – Undeniably catchy intro, with a strangely Bowie-esque vocal. It’s otherwise similar to Kasabian’s style, in its overall sound, with a slight Kooks aspect, but darker. Both visually and aurally, there’s a clearly contemplative streak running through it, enhanced by the darkness of the backdrop. Generally, there’s some element of light and shade within it and in production, presentation and sound quality terms, it’s impressive, though it’s evidently more pop/indie, than rock. In fan terms, more likely to appeal to the Brit rock, soft, alt and indie rock fraternity, but in itself, it’s got a good beat, with a good steady rhythm and makes for decent background music, for certain frames of mind. Musicality-wise, it’s sound, just more for those with gentler tastes.

5/10 *****

For fans of Brit rock, alt rock, soft rock and indie and specifically, The Luka State.


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