Kim Seviour – ‘Recovery Is Learning’

Chiasma – Fresh sounding intro, with an airy feel. Slightly 80s-ish style, very melodic track, with a nice glockenspiel touch, in places. Pleasant vocals, plausible and light, despite the nostalgic sense of the song. Listenable and well performed. Difficult to extend it any further than that.

Call To Action – Noticeably more explosive intro, giving way to a similarly soft vocal, skilfully delivered. Imagine a lighter Evanescence and you’re there. Powerful instrumentals come into their own here. Unmistakably catchy, excellent sound quality and successfully appetite whetting, for more. It’s now moved up a gear, from listenable, to enjoyable.

Connect – Slight sense of film score intro material, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Those silvery vocal tones certainly have a highly catchy, even mesmeric effect about them and collectively, it’s growing, in appeal, with each track. There’s a lovely flowing essence to this and it’s just very smoothly cohesive. Impressive material so far.

Faberge – Gorgeous acoustic guitar intro and those hypnotic vocals are now taking on a haunting effect. Okay, so this track’s a tad downbeat, but it’s undeniably beautiful. So powerfully performed and such an emotional depth to it, whilst still soaring, in places. Demonstrating some deeply tuneful guitar melodies aswell, you can’t help but be affected by it. Captivated, even.

Mother Wisdom – Opening with an emotional piano intro, the melody here’s inescapably maudlin, but still well conveyed, with obvious passion. Some well-placed percussive elements, an easy pace to follow, again, it reminds of a film soundtrack and as such, is easy to visualise. Not one for low moods, but the performance is flawless and the sound, categorically beautiful.

The Dive – Changing tack here, it intro’s with a ticker timer sound, the significance of which, may reveal itself, lyrically. At this point, the song’s taken on a Nightwish sound, which is always impressive and always welcome. Building up to a crescendo of power, capably interspersing it with gentler sections; again, some truly heart melting riffs, through which, you can hear the guitar sing. A brief section, incorporating what sounds like sleigh bells, evoking imagery of magical Christmas scenes, it needs no help from anyone, as it glides on, through the song, to the end, having made that vital impression, of characterful, profound, believable music.

Where She Sleeps – A slower piano intro, bringing in those penetrating vocals, taking centre stage, so effectively, especially at those high-pitched, hard to hit notes, which is where Kim’s voice really comes into its own. Incredible, stunning vocal ability. Just breath-taking and will send shivers down your spine.

Recovery Is Learning – Another haunting piano intro, joined by meaningful lyrics, again, so strongly emotionally evocative and once those arresting riffs join in, it just takes you prisoner, as you lose yourself in the track’s power. Immense.

Morning Of The Soul – Is that a harp? Great touch, regardless. Almost angelic, in its sound. The vocals are relaxing here, but still, just as powerful. Like the imagined feel of a plane, touching down, as are those blissful riffs. Some spoken sections, returning, once more, to that seemingly relentless vocal strength and capacity. Cleverly constructed close.

Overall –  An absolutely stunningly beautiful album, skilfully and sincerely delivered. Loaded with passion, brimming with feeling and dazzling, in its light. It actually gets better and better, with every track. A delight to listen to, from start to finish and a joy to hear something with both true talent and energy matching the mood of the album. I could compliment it endlessly, but I’ll end on the term ‘heart-stopping’.

8/10 ********

For fans of Nightwish, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Edenbridge.


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