Monkey Madness – ‘An Assfull Of Love’

Glam Punk outfit Monkey Madness, from Germany, are keeping the flame of glam punk alive, with their unique combo of noise, insanity, lots of partying and a disturbing penchant for pink…. Influences include Motley Crue, Van Halen, Guns ‘N’ Roses and modern punk rock, such as Green Day, Blink 182 and Turbonegro.

Monkey Madness – Introing with a typically punky, alt type riff, but there ain’t nothing typical about some of the noises that come next. One thing this is is fun and what could safely be called refreshingly freestyle. Fans of The Offspring will enjoy the way this track rolls along and it’s really just a great little piece of escapist punk rock. Colourful and vibrant – a fun release.

Bang Bang Boom – Nicely unexpected opening, initially gentle, gradually heavier riff and the coarse, raw vocals to match. Borrowing from Thin Lizzy’s classic, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’, for those impacting intro lyrics, carrying it off, with all the swagger and feeling to go with it, it’s another gem of real, affecting, light-hearted, yet passionate zeal.

Neverending Springbreak – Taking it up a gear here, to a harder rock slant, this is pure Green Day, with as much catch and it’s just a ball of fun and I love it.

Lumberjack Lesbians – Loaded with drum intensity, at that intro and there’s complete ease and no hesitation. Lyrically, …. possibly, the less said, the better, but you know what? Just enjoy the tune, cos it’s packed with great, upbeat melody and heaped with enthusiasm to kill. I think this is what you’d call uplifting peer pressure to rock out or die.

Orgasm Joe – Some more happy riffs and drum hits and a nice tasty, relaxed vocal, which is nothing if not open and outspoken in its lyrical expression! Sex Addicts Anonymous, anyone? Songs of this nature are what reviews are for, since their content unfortunately bars them from pre-watershed radio airtime, so they’re either gig based discoveries or post review private listening experiences, but either way, they’re are a whole lot of fun, with a capital ‘F’.

Allergy To Stupidity – Ah the title resonates already! Nice heavy drum roll and riff intro, opening it up to more of the same. Very Green Day-esque vocals and more resonant lyrics, for me, at least. How impressively brave and blissfully risk averse, to showcase such honest material. If only there were more like this. Anyone who’s ever been trapped in the scenarios expressed in this track will understand. More of this. The world needs it.

Hipsterland – Ooh, got to like that ‘Wicker Man’-esque riff intro! That glorious heaviness doesn’t last long, before the lightheartedness takes over again, but that’s no bad thing, in this case, as it’s just so much fun. Taking you back to all the best aspects of punk, from past eras and blending them with modern interpretations, it’s a recipe for success and just rolls along, in such a catchy way, you’ll get pulled in, despite yourself. Always the mark of a memorable band.

Sucker – More bluesy edged tone to this intro and it slides down nicely, like an ice cold drink. Capable, laid-back, but never complacent. Really? What can be said about this, except sincere, direct, clear, succinct and oh yes, that little term again – bravely outspoken. Truly, the music industry needs more like this. For all the wannabes, fakers and smug so and so’s out there in our midst, listen to this and then listen again, on endless repeat.

Luchador-El-Culo – Very Spanish, flamenco-esque intro, but a very rocked up one, with some yummy riffs thrown in, along with some equally yummy drum hits. Loving those riffs, especially and this one’s a bit of a wildcard, really, but no less powerful, for that. One thing that can be said for Monkey Madness is that everything they do, they do at full tilt and they do nothing by halves.

Motorboat Ride – Getting heavier now, with those drums and riffs and even those emboldened vocals grow stronger. Catchy as hell and here comes the pen drumming and I’ve already wrecked two pens and this is the third pen tonight, getting the violent desktop drumming treatment. You’re gonna get into this song, instantly and fully. If not, then your vital signs have obviously already left the building.

No Pants, No Problem – Eh? What’s just happened? Have things suddenly gone all serious? Oh … no, they haven’t. Well thank fuck for that! Just be thankful for the continuing fun loving thread that reassuringly follows the intro, characterising the rest of the track and solidifying your view of Monkey Madness as fun loving rogues. Cos really, what would the world do without them? M.M. to rule the world.

Sunrise – Now that’s one of those mind-buggingly familiar riff intro’s you know, but can’t place. It certainly doesn’t take anything away from the general buzz and excitement of the preceding tracks and though it’s thematic content might be gentler, its delivery is just as loud, just as expressive and just as real.

Overall – An ecstatically energised album, of endless, exuberant fun, which has imprinted itself on my memory forever. It’s brave, exploratory, acutely honest and willing to take risks and it does it all in the most powerfully, catchily expressive way. Refreshingly fun, it delivers a vital message, whilst not taking itself seriously, in order to do so. A gold standard example of what’s needed, in this industry, now, more than ever. Let’s have more of this.

10/10 **********

For fans of Green Day, The Offspring, The Kooks, The Levellers, The Superphone.

Released – Friday August 25th 2017


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