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Tagged as one of the greatest bands of our time, Devilfire, from Birmingham, UK, release their debut album, ‘Dark Manoeuvres’, on 6th October 2017. After a 10 day tour of 2000 capacity sold out venues, as special guests of ex-Nightwish vocalist, Tarja Turunen, they then returned home, to the UK, playing to another sold-out audience, at Hard Rock Hell AOR Fest – their crowning achievement, so far.

Mixed by renowned producer Ramesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine), also co-producer, with Devilfire frontman, Alex Cooper (Shy, Quireboys Spike, Ginger), ‘D.M’. Contains an astonishing 13 tracks, with mixed influences. Darkly melodic, it’s thoughtfully and passionately constructed. Via their own interpretations, they’ve produced work of a much higher standard than most debuts, resulting in a far more accomplished sound. Aiming to push the boundaries of rock, through truth, empathy and emotional transparency, ‘D.M’. showcases Devilfire’s best work, yet.

Ready For War – Gentle intro, soon opening up to heaviness, yet it’s an emotional heaviness, rarely heard within such early work. Rather than emulating your average rock ballad, though, this track retains the heaviness, whilst still conveying the emotion of the moment, with rare conviction. One listen will burn this song’s unique nature into your mind. It hits home, in a one-off, addictive way, so catchy, its message is instantaneous. Clear and simple and the rockiness remains. It needs no more and you won’t forget it.

She’s Like Fire – Moving, confidently, into a classic rock format, so natural, you’d seriously think they’d been around for a lot longer than this. Already, they’ve nailed the fine art of filtering the truth of their music into your system immediately and ensuring you long for more.

In And Out Of Love (All Of The Time) – Oh, that intro is just pure blues soul. Carrying you along, on a river of heartfelt, rocked up passion, so intense and thoroughly contagious, no living being could fail to be moved by it. True blues rock essence, at its finest. The word plausible wouldn’t even do it justice. It’s just filled to the brim, with such massively impassioned riffs, so heart meltingly smoothly delivered, with such real, profoundly felt vocals, there are no more words and it’s literally left me speechless with awe.

Waiting For A Rock Star – Banging into life, with mightily explosive riffs and drum hits to die for and let me tell you, those lyrics are sheer class, performed with absolute professionalism. Just the catchy hooks in themselves are enough to prove its believability and if that ain’t enough for you, go watch the accompanying video. If that doesn’t convince you, then metal ain’t in your veins. As far as the title goes, the waiting’s over. The rock star’s here.

Lay It On The Line – A deceptively gentler vibe introing, morphing once more, into that awesomely beautiful heaviness, that just reels you in, with one hook. Great mid-paced, powerful rhythm. Perfectly captured stop start ‘Tallica-esque riffs, interspersed with lighter, brief, acoustic sections, but the hard and heavy factor dominates, reassuringly consistently. It’s just immense and there’s every reason to love it.

Kill Your Love – Bursting onto the scene, once more, with classic rhythm and catch. This is one hook laden track, jam-packed with huge, delicious riffs, just filled with flavour and more of those gorgeously addictive vocals and it just isn’t long enough!

Tear Me Apart – Hauntingly lovely bluesy intro, giving way to a deeper ballad style, so utterly plausible, you’ll feel every word. Magically timed piano sections, right up to the close. It’s actually too beautifully mesmerising to focus so much on the technicalities. It just deserves to be loved.

God Give Me Vengeance – Rocking things right back up again, with fiery, raw instrumentals and equally enthused vocals. A solid track, into which they throw everything they’ve got, till you can almost feel the palpable sense of emotions being thrown against a wall. The full force of the strongest emotions possible are channelled through this track and you will feel them all, through it. Pure physicality of the power of real, keenly felt emotions.

Devil In Your Eyes – Sliding into life, with another astounding display of that peak of emotion only music of this nature can articulate. I just wish it was longer. It may be short, but its power is incredible.

(You Gotta) Revolution – Exploding into life, with unmistakable sincerity, these creatively spaced riffs and artistically structured vocal tones say it all. Heavy as metal Heaven, with all the steel to match, it’s quality stuff and the drums beat it into your brain, till you’re caught in its trap. A trap from which you will never want to escape.

She’s Always On The Run – Harmonised intro of pure beauty and truth. Intensely strong vocals, again, displaying such impassioned sincerity, through the lyrics and so magnificently accompanied, instrumentally. An inexplicably strong song, loaded with forcefully felt emotions. Expressed so genuinely, through such emphatically conveyed vibes. Keeping all the heavy sounds foremost, in the expression, it just speaks to your soul.

A Thousand Times – Sharp, exacting, flawless. You’re gonna feel those riffs instantly. Impressively hard-hitting drums and the vocals take on a harder edge now, injecting grit and aggression, assisted by that undeniable edge to the accompaniments. Clear direction, flowing, so honestly, from one emotion, to another. The anger here is palpable and impressively well displayed. You can’t listen to this song, without feeling it. Cathartic and excitingly so. Hugely metallic.

Somehow – Moving, with complete fluid ease, into a softly sung acoustic track, with every bit as much emotion, demonstrated in the vocal inflections and alternations, applied expertly and effectively. A brief, but hypnotically engaging song, providing the perfect closer and proving Devilfire’s worth and passion.

Overall – If music be the food of love, then Devilfire are the love to defy all others. Rarely does something so unique and deeply affecting come along and grip your senses, the way ‘Dark Manoeuvres’ has done. This is the album to blow all others out of the water and it’s easily the top candidate for album of the year. Ones to watch, not just for the year, but for all time. If you choose just one album of a lifetime, make it ‘D.M’.

10/10 ********** If I could give them more, I would.

For fans of classic rock, blues rock, soul rock, hard rock and heavy metal. (In-comparable to any one specific band).

Headline show – 26th August Birmingham O2 Academy
2nd September Sheffield O2 Academy HRH Sleaze

Release Date – 6th October 2017

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    • I’ve had no issues with hackers as yet, to my knowledge anyway. My only advice would be to create backup copies of everything, digitally and physically and copy everything onto an external hard drive, as well as the internal one. Aside from that, consider copyrighting your work and making it clear that you are doing so for everything you create. Obviously the usual be careful with passwords and don’t enable access to anyone. We all have to be careful of this these days.

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