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Project of solo artist Antonio Boccellari, from Italy, Hitwood (melo-death band) now releases ‘Detriti’, (Italian for ‘debris’), follow-up to debut EP, ‘As A Season Bloom’ and debut album, ‘When youngness Flies… Away…’. This release is so-called as it symbolises details from Antonio’s dreams – his inspirational source. It’s been created with contributions from guest vocalists Carlos Timaure and Eveline Schmidiger – both skilled growlers, in styles representing M. Akerfeldt, Angela Gossow and Johann Hegg. The sound produced within ‘Detriti’ is comparable with that of bands such as Arch Enemy, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Alcest and Agalloch. These influences and those of the post-rock scene, generally, are the things to which Antonio attributes Hitwood’s uniqueness, as a new phenomenon within melo-death.

The muse for the tracks on ‘Detriti’ covers a decade of dream visitations from the old man named Hitwood, whose visits are initially detailed in ‘A.A.S.B’. Since embarking on guitar playing, in 2007, Antonio has attempted to relate these in his music. So now, with this new self release, the story continues.

As Far As I Can Remember – Nice steady intriguing riff intro. Very apt for the context of the song material. Audibly demonstrating the gradual emergence from sleep and the ensuing, unfolding dream. Just as long as it needs to be, to suit that purpose. Mystical and mysterious, that couldn’t have been a better intro for this album.

My Path To Nowhere – Bang! Explosive as hell, now bringing in the drum attack, to full effect and the growly vocals, conveying the emotional appeal inherent in the lyrical content. Smooth, gentle, yet effective riffs, growing in intensity, with the song’s progression, in time with the simultaneous increase in vocal intensity. Drums falling in with the same emotional rhythm, it’s a great cohesion, bringing forth the eagerness to convey the song’s message.

Years Of Sadness – Toning things down here, for the briefest moment, before bursting into life again, with an angry rawness, matched by each section – illuminating an intense anger, born of frustration and pent-up tension, becoming increasingly apparent, in the violently aggressive drumming, vocals and yet, the guitar work still emphasises the sadness alone and the repressed emotions stemming from it. It’s a successful summary of the title and how that finds expression.

More Winters To Face – Lovely opening riff. So soft and soothing, it’s almost hypnotic. A musical moment of reflection, encompassing such fulsome feeling. Branching off into an accompanied instrumental, which has so much to say and seems to say it so well, in its own way. Even the drumming enters a different, quieter arena, of thought and contemplation. It’s actually quite restful, in its own way.

Chromatic – Exploding back into life, with a sense of reckless abandon and release, there’s a feeling of adamant determination to express and convey the level and significance of emotions here and the source from which they come. Everything just comes together so fluently, to bring out the urgency of this message. There’s a heartfelt passion to deliver, as if time itself is running out.

Venus Of My Dreams – Introing with a very striking wah-wah effect, soon moving into a faster, fuller section, building in speed and power, all the time and always conveying that unshakeable passion for the title’s source. There’s a progression in the song, whilst retaining a consistency hard to articulate, yet cogently expressed, for the subject and all it encapsulates.

Overall – A rare glimpse into a world largely unknown in melo-death, as yet and capturing so well, the essence of the album’s meaning, muse and mystery. The sheer force of energy coming through creates memorability, in itself and the marriage of the styles used is notably special and unique. The resultant outcome is one of successful expansion of the melo-death genre, into new worlds of sound, with much to impart and much to inspire.

8/10 ********

For fans of fantasy metal, growly, extreme metal, death metal, melo-death and melodic new wave material.


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