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Bulletback are a 3-piece Brazilian heavy-metal band, formed in 2013, by former members of Pastore. Since this time, they’ve been prepping and producing new material, for this, their debut album. Released independently, it’s available to buy now. The band is composed of Raphael Gazal, on vocals and guitars, Alexis Galluci, on bass and Fabio Buitvidas on drums. The album was produced and written by Raphael, drums recorded by Fabio, at Studio 82, bass, guitars and vocals recorded by Alexis and Raphael, at Stage Dive Studio.

Down And Out – Great, powerful, rumbling intro, taken over by a full force mega explosion of metal, stronger than hell. Surges of massively energy fuelled riffs, with drum hits to match and enormous vocals. Exciting, energising and uplifting. There’s no escape from the sheer metallic love this’ll drive into you.

The Quest For New Horizons – Thunderous intro, with lightning effects and a fortress-like powerhouse of strength. You know these guys mean business and it’s everything you’d expect to hear on a new wave, power based, classic metal production, for the likes of CR/MH. Enough force to kill a rhino.

Battlefield – Fuck me, it’s so hard, it almost hurts! These drums’ll break down your door, while the riffs shatter your windows and the vocals penetrate your soul. Then throw you on the floor and keep you there, while the magnitude of the song’s extraordinary power hits you and refuses to stop.

Holy Words – No sign of any let-up; if anything, it’s getting even stronger and heavier, every minute. A cataclysmic impact of energy, these arrangements just astound your senses and knock you down, with their ultra-magnified effects. Pull up your drawbridge now, before your protective castle is shaken, to its foundations. Or alternatively, open it out and let the metal insurgents decimate it. (I’d choose the latter).

Scream It Out – Expressive, loud and delightful. Loads of very fitting catchiness to this and melody galore. It’s a dream. Epically metal guitar fests, a truly affecting, solidly integrated bass line, hugely tuneful drum rhythms and vocals which scream passion. An exceedingly vibrant example of a band who genuinely love what they do. Just a joy to hear.

Faking – Hitting you full in the chest, with absolute truth and insistent maximum power. That’s how it continues. The perfect track title, since everything within the track embodies it, fully. Right here is the sound of truth and it’s catchy as hell and there’s no alternative, but to love it. ‘Faking’ is a precise demo of what it means to have the courage of your convictions. Need to find the impetus to make your next move? To quash any residing doubts? Listen to ‘Faking’.

Rust – Drumming heaven intro’s, transporting you straight to mosher’s paradise. Total steel immensity and loaded, throughout, with all the melody, catch and heavy, cathartic vibrations that make true metal great. There’s so much to love here and love it, you will.

Running Away – Yummy bass intro there, setting the smooth, hard-line tone for the rest of the song. You’re gonna be singing along in no time. This track’s great strength is its’ ability to pull you in instantly and addictively. Oh and constantly, till the end. Another humongous tasty, involving slice of truly passionate metal.

Fire In The Hole – Thoroughly powerful speed metal is alive and well. Filled to the rafters with hugely colourful riffs and a general sense and sound of top-level, high octane metal, of the classiest and most pleasurable calibre. A feast of enjoyment, from start to finish.

Where Are The Angels – I’d suggest they’re right here, in this music. A rolling, power infused boulder of metal therapy. Electrically charged anthemic catharsis, which rips out all the bad stuff, blows away the cobwebs and lifts you higher. An aural tattoo.

Here I Stand – Ploughing right into your solar plexus, with palpable physicality, the whole thing’s the biggest power fest imaginable and it just rocks damn hard. Impossible not to love.

Overall – Rarely do I hear anything so immensely powerful as this. ‘TQFNH’ is like a ray of honest, outright strength, straight from metal heaven. A sheer joy, from start to finish and 1 which has etched itself on my brain, for eternity. Every track’s a thrilling ride of endless pleasure and metallic gold. Literally gold star material.

10/10 **********

For fans of all top tier power, speed, hard, heavy metal.


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