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Introducing the debut self titled EP from Kent-based folk rock band Scars Of Sense.

Forgotten – Uplifting, fresh, lilting intro, exploding into a gravelly heavy folk rock sound, not often heard and pleasingly novel. An unexpected treat, vibrantly offset by the use of woodwind instruments, showcasing the musical possibilities available in the folk rock genre, for instrumental eclecticism.

Fresh – Well titled, given its unique and unusual nature. Imagine The Levellers, with a grittier edge. Now you’re close. Liking the variations of instruments used and the overall positive energy and alternative atmosphere emanating from it. Adding a beautifully rare melodic touch on the recorder, clarinet and violins. Ends a tad abruptly, but certainly makes an impression.

Space – Great buzz to the fun, quirky pace and it’s much more memorable than most folk rock material – an aspect much improved by the use of such a great mix of instruments, so often neglected in rock genres. Intelligent rhythmic alternations and a noticeably cohesive performance.

Awake – Hauntingly lovely and very visually evocative. A huge strength lies in its move away from conventional methods and it will work well for all fans of gypsy, celtic, folk alt rock. Refreshingly tuneful, workable combo of instruments, proving what can be done with a little ingenuity.

Overall – A vibrant, life affirming sound, drenched in positivity and still grounded in reality and truth. It makes a very pleasant change to hear something moving in its own direction, for once and willing to push past rigid, standard boundaries. This demonstrates a highly flexible, yet workable mix of sounds, adding another dimension to the world of alt, folk rock and proving there are real opportunities within it for unlimited musical resources.

8/10 ********

For fans of The Levellers, The Corrs, Venus Rising, Maydaze, Turisas, Tyr.

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