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Welcome to ‘Riptide’, Ben Blutzukker’s 2nd EP. Classic heavy metal, with thrash, death and black elements. Formed in 2015, Ben is a solo artist, influenced by bands such as Satyricon, etc. This 5 track, 21 minute EP includes a title track accompanied by a video, Bram Stoker influence for the 2nd track and a cover song for the 3rd track, initially performed by Mercyful Fate, King Diamond and Mementum Mori. The lyrics generally deal with standard problems facing most musicians. ‘Riptide’ was released on 6th October 2017. It’s available to download, stream or on CD.

Riptide – That’s 1 strong intro! Heavy as lead bars, being thrown down on the ground and run over by a road roller, driven by a crazed killer. For a solo effort, it’s a damn good production, with equally proportioned vocals and instrumentals, plenty of thrash and just enough death influence to make the vocals clearly audible. There’s a slight horror themed edge to it, but generally speaking, it’s more Dave Mustaine than Frankenstein, in vocal sound terms. Dark, solid and accomplished, it makes a great impression.

Stab By Stab – Even harder and heavier, like a slab of concrete landing on your feet, whilst the echoes of the sound perforate your eardrums, as some nearby sadist repeatedly drops the same slab on your feet, till they break and you fall through the ground, whilst still being deafened by the reverberations. That’s the level of intensity of these instrumentals. So intense, in fact, that you lose focus on the vocals. Somehow, it seems not to matter that there’s no real variation in rhythm, pace or chorus, as it’s just so incredibly heavy, as to leave indelible imprints on your skull.

Six Second Sex – Another booming intro, but this time, changing the pace and incorporating more sharp, snazzy guitar riffs. Throwing in a brief gentler section, with female vocal contributions, not leaving much to the imagination, it soon hardens back up again, with more horror-esque lyrics, which definitely don’t hold back…. It has to be said. It’s a monster of a track, that’s for sure. Almost scarily intense, you wouldn’t want to meet this song on a dark night.

Bloodlust – Bang! Straight in there, with unquestionably heavy metal and even scarier lyrics. Akin to a vampire film dialogue, fear inducing enough to force you to run for your life, it’s confident, unhesitant and equally concrete-heavy, both vocally and instrumentally. Ending on a dramatic, acute riff and drum hit, that’s what you call a killer track.

Loose Ends – Fucking hell! There’s no other term to describe, accurately, the astonishing power of that electric riff intro. Except imagine Slayer, in full creative flow, turned up to the max and throwing all their aggression in and you’re there. Still, that Megadeth sound returns, though, in places and it’s actually really well-suited to this style. Lifting the atmosphere, with a lighter, more upbeat section, briefly, it still never loses the shocking heaviness. Ending on a gradually lightening percussive sound and a slight reverb riff, the cymbal hits finish it and it’s a stark metallic imprint.

Overall – Shockingly sharpened, acutely heavy production, almost frightening in its degree of intensity. Stunningly polished, given it’s only the 2nd EP from Ben and leaves such an astonishing impression, it can only promise even better material, to come. Certainly living up to its thrash, death and black metal influences, within the stark heavy-metal, it surpasses all expectations. Perfect fright night/Halloween material.

10/10 **********

For fans of Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Slayer, Trivax, Satarial, Carcass, gothic metal, generally.

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  2. stays on topic and states valid points. Thank you.

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