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Introducing Tasmanian band Sludko’s current EP, ‘Consumed By Darkness’.

Warning Bells – Cracking explosive intro! That’s how you open a metal album! Slaying all false metal, with all that makes it real – true guitar slinging, edgy, fresh, impassioned, metallically pitched vocals and all the melody and catch to go with it. High-class audio values, razor sharp performance and even a slight WASP-esque section thrown in, towards the end. This is the biz and already, I’m hooked.

I Believed – Banging, nuclear fuelled drum intro and a plausible mood change, to one of more meaningful severity, piling on the starker heaviness, to thunderous effect, it’s what you might call a hard-lined warning of incoming attack. All in all, it’s a seriously thrash powered storm, worthy of Thor himself.

Creatures Of The Shadows – Wow! That’s really the only way to sum up the epic effect of that intro). This displays the warm familiarity and divine, heaven sent sound of the classiest, truest metal you’ll ever hear and it’s flawless, seamless and screams love of metal. Overflowing with catchy immediacy, riff led rhythm and contagious exuberance. Sludko were born for metal.

In My Fantasy – Lowering the tone, with a bass led intro, the pitch may have deepened, but the energy still shines out. Those vocals are truly gifted and the strength within them pushes them and the whole song forward. The drum rolls are tight, battle strewn and consumed with power. The cohesion creating a near-perfect resonance. It’s almost a thrash based dance of top drawer metal components, forming the completion of metallic class.

Dark Angels – Very sinister intro, resonant of Sabbath’s ‘Am I Going Insane’ intro. Rapidly replaced with immensely heavy-metal melody, so all consuming, it successfully blocks everything else out. Cranking up the volume and the power, it now becomes a feast of metal might. Dragging you along in its wake, it hooks you till the end, closing with assertive acuity, so palpable, you could mourn the end and demand a repeat.

Overall – Slayers of all false imitations of metal, Sludko play only the truest. Born heavy-metal Kings, they’re natural metal performers and ‘Consumed By Darkness’ showcases the truth of their art. Though it’s life affirming effects may be more like being consumed by light than by darkness, it’s a short, but stunningly effective demo of highly accomplished metal mastery, all consuming, in itself. In short, ‘Consumed By Darkness’ = consumed by Sludko.

10/10 **********

For fans of classic heavy metal, thrash metal, NWOHM, speed/power metal.

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