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Introducing ‘Insurrection’, the skull crushing new album from Spreading The Disease.

Find My Path – Delicious bluesy intro, with unexpected folky hints! Getting harder and heavier now, it explodes, into a full on metal attack). Expressive, inventive, truly inspired, in its way of combining heavy and gentler sections and moving from blues to aggressive metal and then intermingling the two. Listen carefully and you’ll even hear a slight G’N’R’ ‘U.Y.I’. era sound in there. A genuinely original move away from their previous material, to a more eclectic, melodic sound, bound to hit a chord with many. A new and vibrant direction for STD.

Words Unspoken – Here, we have a more typical STD deathy/thrashy style, packed with raucous angry vibes and throwing in a melo-death aspect, working well for this track. A really great interplay of viciously emoted lyrics and thunderous instrumentals, with just enough melody over the top to make it relatable. Another track with which many will identify.

Dischord – Intrigue and mystery! Chanting opens, onto an initially gentle and increasingly heavy section, injecting catch into the rhythm and infectious anger. I suspect this is going to be a common favourite. Melody making a stronger appearance from the mid-section, along with the faster, equally catchy pace, it’s a stunningly powerful track. Returning to the mysterious chanting and tinkling windchimes at the end, it really has gone all out to create a novel technique and it works, for me, at least.

Spreading The Disease – Introing with a clearly heavily melodic riff section, joining it with anthemic vocals and pure, tight cohesion, it’s plausible and packed with rage. A fabulous sound, with top quality audio production, this will destroy your ears and blow your mind. Then you’ll go back for more.

Greed – Incredible towering and descending riff scale intro, soon accompanied by raging vocals, some tasty riff medleys and outstanding bass work. Ace rolling drum sound and absolutely impeccable timing. It’s an ace.

Save Me – Even harder, even heavier, even more powerful. Brilliantly timed and paced rolling rhythm, matched perfectly, both vocally and instrumentally. Proving enviable stamina, in the sheer force of performance, the momentum alone is mightily impressive. Even the words ‘solid metal’ seem inadequate in the face of such awesome talent. Just immense and stacked with willpower x 1000.

Whores Of War – Returning to that gorgeously guitar focused intro sound, only this time, utilising a steel string, in a truly tremendous way. Now heating things up, with a more metalled up arrangement, bringing in a catchier element, still occasionally interspersed with the steel strings, you’ve just got to love the zest involved in this track and the pace’ll get you, if nothing else does. This is what you call extreme metal impact.

Method To My Madness – A darker feel to this, with a sinister atmosphere and a sharp edge, lyrically revealing, potentially disturbing, even, for some. Though to others, its message may seem bravely outspoken and honest. Either way, this song’s gonna hit home. Distinguishable, in its lyric appropriate mass of aggro noise and sheer sense of emotional overspill, not to mention that creepy laugh, making its presence felt, sporadically, there’s certainly a unique spin to this.

Can’t Let Go – Beautiful acoustic intro, brimming with sincere emotion. Well timed accompaniments, taking it back to the acoustic section again, this time, joined by guest female vocals, bringing in a lively full metal section, filled with the inexplicably angry passion of one who’s taken too much and now had enough. Geniusly interweaving the multiple levels and forms of gentler and stronger emotions, it’s a true, heartfelt, impassioned track, whose sound and feel will resonate with most.

Brexit Wounds – Banging massive explosion of an intro! This’ll wake you up if nothing else does! Curious recitation of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, in metal form, with the meaning of lack of faith soon making itself known. The sheer intensity of feeling within this will leave a lasting impression, that’s for sure. Stopping just short of hateful, it’s lyrics show a deep and abiding mistrust of the religious beliefs referred to, possibly born of any number of reasons or negative personal experiences, but the point is that once again, the emotion is believable and creates the anger that drives the song. Incensed, furious and embittered, the rage is what makes it.

Last Goodbye – Yum! Electrifying Slayer-esque riff introing, setting the scene for a looser, more open styled track, still pouring in heaps of raging emotion, right to the end, but just tempering it with a more electrically based foundation, apt for a closing track. Demonstrating its wares, to the highest standard, it’s a forgivably shorter track and does all it needs to, in consolidating it’s raw, enraged message.

Overall – 11 tracks of blistering, unrepentant, no holds barred, brain crushing metal. Could there be a better compliment than that? ‘Insurrection’ is the proof that STD have moved up a gear and in the right direction. Now, the heaviness is even heavier and there’s melody, blues, a few folky touches here and there, a wider variety of guitars, some guest vocals and an all-round greater passion and meaning thrown in aswell. Packing an enormous punch, ‘Insurrection”s an awesome sound and a great move forward for STD.

10/10 **********

For fans of eclectic heavy-metal, utilising hosts of guitars, with varied influences, from widespread rock and metal genres.



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