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Mincemind – Strange sci-fi-esque oration intro, thankfully followed by loud, aggressive metal, but having said that, there’s something a bit OTT about this, in sound terms, as it’s quite tinny and jarring to the ear. It seems they’ve misguidedly overdone the drums, to the point of drowning everything else out and to say it’s not exactly tuneful is an understatement. Poor production lets it down, so not a great start, but 8 tracks left, in which to redeem themselves.

Daddy Is Here – Better opening, fairly instantaneous drumming, more cohesive riffs and some melody appears, but it lacks catch and actually becomes difficult to focus on. Hard to say much else, except it’s quite downbeat and uninspiring.

Ingrates – More guitar-based intro here, upping the melody a notch. That’s encouraging. It still seems largely absent of hooks, though. Definitely one to plod through. Samey, doom entrenched tedium. Not sure what the lecturey speech is about either, but it’s like wading through mud.

Losing Streak – Slightly more melodic intro riff, quickly joined by a ‘Black Sabbath’-esque accompaniment, initially, but it then moves into an A.I.C. type arrangement, reminiscent of ‘Lesson Learned’, specifically and ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’ era, generally. The main thing that comes across here is the lack of identity in this music. There’s just no soul to it and it feels empty and lifeless.

Legalize Everything – More of the same, yet this time, there is an attempt at lyrical melody, in places. The murder references are actually quite apt for this album, given it creates the impression of murdering metal. Again, not much more to say.

Shoulder Launched – Creeping, tinkling background sound, overtaken by riffs, drums and repetitive lyrics. Again, there’s an underlying A.I.C.-esque grunge emphasis, upon which it ends. There’s just no substance at all.

Mothcan – Unexplained random sounds and spoken word intro, moving into the next section, till the instruments weave in and out of the mysterious words. An abrupt, but welcome ending. Lifeless and dull.

Wrench – Beginning to throw a smidgen of lighter melody in, though it may be too little, too late, especially given the lyrical threats of smashing teeth in, 1000 times etc. It’s just relentlessly grey. Devoid of anything meaningful.

A Perfect Picture – Now the opening riffs hold a tad more appeal, as does the sudden gritty Lemmy-esque vocal style, but it’s way too late and still retains that depressing overtone. A bit more voice-over stuff and a slightly more interesting riff following it, but nothing of note. The same droning note tries to drill through your brain tissue, remorselessly.

Overall – An empty grey shell of nothingness. Torture. Avoid.

1/10 *

For fans of drone, doom, melancholic metal.

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