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Formed in Tucson, Arizona, in 1984, from a humble ad, in a music store, the band name Emerald was originally inspired by their favourite Thin Lizzy track. Following the usual line-up changes, they stayed as a 3-piece, till splitting up, in ’86. 30 years later, Emerald are back! Playing original music, influenced by a wide variety of old school rock and metal artists, without whom, they wouldn’t be here today. Open to any and all future possibilities, Emerald are currently producing the follow-up to ‘Angels Of Oblivion’.

Devil’s Law – Fuck me, that’s one heavy opening! Well, with an intro like that, you already know this band can’t go far wrong. All at once, they manage to fuse straight out heavy-metal, with doom, stoner and a very noticeable Sab-esque sound, creating the impression of conjuring up the Devil himself. A very fitting title, but the melody still isn’t lost, making its presence known, through the floor crashing depths, reached by the dark as night drums and earth-shaking bass. To say that’s a damn strong intro is understating it.

Blind – Again, a boomingly powerful, skull-crushing intro! There’s no mistaking the drive behind those vocals, or the sense of long-awaited release resonating throughout the song. A beautiful piece of acoustic, mediaevally themed guitar plays out around the mid-section, right in the midst of the equally beautiful chaos and thrust that is the surrounding and resounding metal. True skill, born of long experience is clearly audible, in this banquet of metal, composed of well considered combos of inspirations.

Angels Of Oblivion – Wow! Just wow. If that penetrating intro of steel string guitars doesn’t do something indescribable to you, you really need to question your humanity. Like a curtain of steel, drawing back, to reveal a scene of magical artistic beauty, that whole sense of metallic majesty remains, throughout. Performed as if in anticipation of a royal entrance, it really does the title justice. Unquestionably memorable, laced with an otherworldly magic, there’s true beauty in ‘Angels Of Oblivion’.

Rise Of Evil – Blasting its way onto the scene, with that recaptured Sab-like essence, it’s heavy and hard as concrete and totally plausible. Just a few bars in, you’ll feel the catchiness, through the old school call to arms implied in the lyrics. Slight spacey, sci-fi-esque style moving in, from that 3/4 way point, there’s a real bravery and willingness to experiment here, with various strands and styles of the genre and it works. Somewhere in the background, you may even detect a slight Pink Floyd influence, so carefully interwoven, till the approaching, yet acutely sudden outro. Intelligently arranged and thoughtfully composed.

Black Machine – Changing things up a gear here and moving into another, more psychedelic arena, altogether, with a sound reminiscent of Hawkwind’s ‘Silver Machine’, with more interesting riffage and a darker edge, closing with a UFO sound effect, (as in spacecraft, not the band), it’s massively creative and vibrantly colourful.

Lycanthropy – Banging drum and riff intro, joined by intuitively flowing vocals, a strong melody and grounding rhythm, moving into a strikingly upbeat tone, the pace fits, with perfect timing and the main key player here is precision. It positively vibrates with it and it won’t fail to lift you.

Retronaut – Crashing into life again, with more of that vibrant colour, this is just slightly lighter and looser, but certainly no less enthusiastic. High energy dominates, along with a truly classic vibe to the riffs and a softer tinge to the closing vocal harmonies, yet still, it doesn’t lose its prevailing strength.

Sky Of Solitude – Powerfully intense intro riffage and carefully placed accompanying drums. Thereafter, the guitar starts to sing and hum, with vibrato that’ll rock your world. Entrancing, captivating and soul awakening. So pointedly melodic, capturing such high spiritual energy, that beyond this point, no words would do it justice. Just consider a metalled up, filled out version of ‘Parisienne Walkways’, with all the tear- inducingly sentimental sections replaced, with positively energised sounds, buzzing with life affirming intention. Now you’re there.

Overall – How to follow an album as deeply affecting and life enhancing as this, with words alone? By simply saying, you need this in your life. Immediately.

10/10 **********

For fans of mixed old school classic rock and metal, such as Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Hocus Pocus, folk, baroque and mediaeval influenced rock and metal genres and NWOHM, along those same lines.


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