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Released November 17th, via Sonic Entrails Records, this winter has seen a new release from Flesh Eating Foundation, entitled, ‘We Are Fucked’. Expected to challenge boundaries and social norms and enlighten, in the process, this release is being done in two stages – the first of which consists of 10 new studio tracks and an inclusive set of bonus remixes, by Inertia, Paresis, XSRY, Alien Nation and Mr Strange. A vinyl compilation of the album, with a lengthier online release, comprising alternative versions and more remixes will follow. It will total more than 30 tracks.

True to form, John E. Smoke, The Juddaman and co will be flouting conventions, pushing instrumental usage to its limits and beyond and displaying general aggression to everything within reach. Included in this release, are two updated versions of renowned tracks, ‘Scumbags And Spent Slags’ and ‘Slick Prick Dick Lick’; that latter, from the original version, on Armalyte Industries compilation ‘Defcon Three’. Added to these are: ‘Having Fun’, ‘We Are Fucked’, ‘Stand Up And Be Discounted’, ‘Futurelast’, featuring punk poet Adam Probert, ‘Shame’ and ‘Punch Drunk’ and finally, ‘The End’.

We Are Fucked – Lively electronic intro, with a poppy beat, to protest punk lyrics. The virtual megaphone’s easy to visualise. Actually, quite a catchy rhythmic ‘chorus’, with slight hints of classic influences. Anti-establishment theme, plausibly expressed.

Having Fun – Deeper key introing here, more sound effect emphasis evident, in the surrounding backdrop to the similarly protest themed lyrics, this time, railing at the patronising attitudes displayed towards those with disabilities, by ‘authority figures’.

Scumbags And Spent Slags – Cheerier, faster, more impacting intro, with greater synthesiser use, amongst the electronica. Same consistent beat, with a brighter tone and more vibrancy, eventually bringing in more active drum emphasis. Closing on a synth, this is more instrumentally, than lyrically focused.

Shame – Spacey sense to this, it’s a definite step up from the last production, with a tighter feel, improved sound quality and general listenability. Slight sci-fi-esque sense to it, with Dalek-like connotations. Vague relation to the physical sensations and vibrations of an imagined rubber ball or more fittingly, space hopper, bouncing along the floor. Faintly atmospheric, with a tinge of darkness.

Futurelast, featuring Adam Probert – Darkened piano intro, joined by doom focused lyrics. The mood soon lifts, via the synth, but only marginally. It’s a bit doom mongering, but then, that’s it’s point. Again, the visual aspect comes into play, depicting imagery of protest marches and there’s a hint of ‘I Can’t Get No Sleep’, within the sound. A little bit 90’s in that sense, but the emotion of the moment’s clearly audible.

Punch Drunk – Imagine what a busy scrapyard might sound like. You’re there. Only played out to an electronic soundtrack. Clearer strains of violence in the vocals and yet, that’s interspersed with a combo of ambience and slithering, snakelike, ‘Use Your Illusion’ lyrical styles. The beat gets gradually heavier, towards the close, when it winds up, in an almost physical sense, on a different note, like a yo-yo, being retracted.

Sick Prick Dick Lick – (For The Throat) – OpeningĀ on a static interference echo, experimental focus enters, showcasing a range of formats and touch sensory instruments. A bit repetitive, but there’s a certain lightness and freedom in the club like sound and atmosphere evoked. It’s certainly deftly applied, with justified confidence and audible skill and enjoyment. Given its title, it’s fair to say that pleasure’s expected to be conveyed, through it.

Stand Up And Be Discounted – Machine-gun fire like ammo round introing, joined by passionately performed vocals. An interplay of various styles comes in, faintly reminiscent, in places, of The Pet Shop Boys. (Intentional or not). Short track, but aptly emphatic and fitting, in that sense too. It makes its point well.

The End – Entering an ambient realm now, this is more impressionistic of being in a tunnel, surrounded by the voice of a particularly cruel version of your conscience, or perhaps the taunting of some other watchful party, with sinister motives. Morphing into monster-ish echoes, as if in a haunted cave, from which you’re desperate to escape. Effective increase in vocal volume and power of the tormentor. A sense of hopelessness pervades.

We Are Fucked – (Fucked Up Remix, by Alien Nation) – Picking the pace back up again and lifting the mood, with it, there’s still an angry sense to this, but it’s somehow, more contained and singularly channelled. A prominent beat, like being stuck with your back against a wall, with a hard ball being bounced, relentlessly, on the walls, either side of you. That probably says it all, regarding its attempt to exemplify the real impact of the title’s inspirations.

Having Fun (Mr. Strange Remix) – Bouncier, flashier intro beat, with a sense of external projection. Lyrically, that pretty much summarises it, as it’s really just the endless repetition of what the song’s muse is projecting into the perceived ‘subjects’. You can hear the justifiable annoyance this provokes, in the incessant repetition itself and the obvious irritation in the tone. It’s basically just emphasising that point throughout.

We Are Fucked – (XSRY Remix) – A lighter hearted affair altogether, with a clearly more prominent keyboard section.

Having Fun (Paresis Lulz Remix) – Strongly synthesised intro, with a dance-like breakdown of sounds you might hear in house/rave music. That’s its whole display. An interpretation of experience.

We Are Fucked – (Inertia Remix) – Hard as nails being hammered into a wall. Piercing, in its own way. Some quite jarring electronic sounds in there. Over-stimulating, on a sensory level. Like zig-zags racing through your ears. That sense just overtakes it really, but ultimately, it’s down to interpretation.

Overall – The main (10 track) album is generally, a noticeable improvement from F.E.F.’s previous release. It’s sharper, more clear-cut, focused and well-rounded, with perfected areas, making for a better listen and a greater sense of its aims and purposes. As for the remixes, they’re overkill it could do without. So all in all, ‘W.A.F.’ is a step up from before, which sounds best in isolation, without unnecessary filler, to spoil the effects.

6/10 ******

For fans of trance, punk, pop, protest, rap, dance, house, rave and electronic noise.


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  1. Are you using the latest version of the script? This was an issue with the first release but I corrected it to include loading the required libraries in the PS console. The current Gist is working fine for me.

    • I’m not actually sure, as that’s a bit too techy for me lol, but as far as I know, most if not all of what I use are current versions. Glad you’ve got it working okay for you now.

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