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Portugal-based band Wrath Sins now release their current album ‘The Awakening’. Produced by Andre Matos and Miguel Silva. Mixed by Andre Matos, at Raising Legends Studios. Mastered by Caesar Craveiro, at Raising Legends LX.

Beneath Black Clouds – Slow-moving intro, with a dark vibe, exploding into angry raging life. Lots of deep bass and riff work and it seems to move in and out of range. Fairly brief, but powerful opening.

Unquiet Heart – Banging intro, straight in there, with passion and raw aggression. A very gory feel to this, but still melodic, power fuelled and highly energised. Good quality performance, ending on a considered riff, with plenty of twang.

Shadows Kingdom – Bursting into life, with loaded drum fills, both thunderous and energetic. Impassioned vocals, matched by the riffs. Slight Trivium feel to this sound. Packed with power and an anthemic edge to the vocals, it maintains a dark thread, yet injects it with exuberant atmosphere. Good strong sound.

Collision – Doom filled flattening intro riff, creating a window of thought, before the pace picks up and chases through the fray. That Trivium sound returns, with some gorgeous melodic riffage, making good use of slide and volume. Hitting the end on a rapid set of rock hard drum beats, it’s definitely striking.

The Sun Wields Mercy – Crashing intro, in your face, with lively, colourful energy. Fast-paced, increasingly anthemic and growing catchier. Very detailed, with vocal and lyrical intrigue and a general feel-good sense.

Fear Of The Unseen – Blistering riff and drum intro, blasting onto the scene, with full force impact. Rapid fire rhythm, well-placed vocal harmonies and shouts, adding to the heightened energy. Throwing in some noticeably workable Slayer-esque riffs and rattling on till the end. Hard, heavy and impacting.

Strepidant Mist – Booming drums opening the show, with violent effect. Maintaining that pace throughout, the instrumental cohesion comes to the fore here, with the edgy, full throttle, vicious riffing and as a pure instrumental, it’s an out and out success.

Between Death’s Line – Instant hit, with that precision intro. The vocal intent is clear, in the energised aggression. Here, though, the melody reappears, permitting entry into the inner world of the song, as it plays out its creative emotion, till the last.

The Awakening – Even louder, angrier and even more vicious in its delivery, you can almost visualise the guitarist’s fingers bleeding, with the pressure on those strings. Just a monstrous rapid fest of aggression, ending on a definitive cymbal hit.

Silence From Above – Heavy-handed, hard-line riff intro, filled with dark intent. Some very classy riffs in there and once again, the Trivium vibe is audible and still, the sound is fresh and alive. Upping the volume, to a thunderous level and ending on a piercing fadeout, with a breathy space following it, there’s a real sense of thrashy nostalgia. Fans of The More I See might just hear the strains of ‘What Is Worse Than The Truth’ in that final bar. One thing’s for sure – it leaves a strong impression.

Overall – All the right ingredients for a loud and thrashy metal Fest.

8/10 ********

For fans of Trivium, The More I See, Testament, Slayer.


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