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Spice Breather’s main aim is to produce a sound balancing its chosen genre, of movie/soundtrack music, with extreme metal previously performed by Matthew Schott (the sole artist, producer, performer). The 80’s films with which he’s grown-up form the influences – TRON, Dune, Terminator, The Thing, Escape From New York, Road Warrior/Mad Max, Alien, Robocop, etc.

The music inspirations include NAMANAX, Robert Rich, Bill Laswell, Scorn/Lull, Trial Of The Bow, James Plotkin, Aphex Twin, orb, Tangerine Dream and more. He was also lyrically inspired by the following: Ender’s Game (Card), Eon (Bear), A World Out Of Time (Niven), Inferno (Niven, Pournelle), Ringworld (Niven), etc.

Projectile 1 – Pre-Ignition – Old school sci-fi soundtrack intro, consisting of mainly strange swirly sounds, distortion and blizzard effects. Little else is audible through it and if I’m honest, it’s overdone and barely tolerable. If you ever wondered what it might be like to be transported back in time to a 70’s sci-fi show set, in which you’re trapped on a doomed spaceship, complete with monotonous cacophonous white noise torture, you’re about to find out. Fading out on a brief electro section, I’m just grateful for the blessed release of the long-awaited ending.

Projectile 2- Ignition – Part 1- Part 2 – Wobble board effects open here, onto what now seems to have moved on to some sort of acid house party nightmare. Trance music enters next, with a sound like a fairground revolution, from which there’s no escape. Laser gun effects just add to the weirdness and random misplaced irritations, of which there are many. Repetitive mindless electronica, with no end in sight. Just noise and nothing else.

Projectile 3 – After Effect – Ambient intro, which taken in isolation, may hold some value in the listenability stakes. If the aggravating gloom interspersing it was cut. Unfortunately, though, the potential opportunity for creating a worthwhile soundscape is lost to the incessant, repetitive bleakness. Seriously, I’m losing the will.

Projectile 4 – Deep Sleep – Already, it seems, the point’s been lost. Deep sleep doesn’t have to mean death. Though in this case, it might be a blessed relief. Again, there’s an ambient thread, which, if used correctly, might possibly be a route to creating something meaningful, but it just feels like overbearing gloom.

Re-Entry – That ambience intro’s again, followed by a drum and bass section, more reminiscent of an action movie shoot-out than anything else. It just continues with more intractable unlistenable dreariness. The fact is, there’s only so much of this a human brain can take, before it switches off and redirects its energies, out of sheer necessity.

Overall – In the grand scheme of things, some instrumentals just aren’t meant to be.

1/10 *

For fans of dull, soulless electronica, trance and vague sci-fi.

Released 20th January 2018 on Bloody Mountain Records.



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