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Sotz was formed in 2008, by Joao Jisus Rocha, inspired by ancient Mayan history. The word ‘sotz’ translates as ‘bat’ in the native language of the ancient Mayans.
2009 onwards was dedicated to completing the line-up. Their debut took place in 2014, with 5 original tracks and their debut EP was recorded in 2015 and released via Raising Legends Records. Produced, mixed and mastered by Andre Matos (Heavenwood, Equaleft, Tales For The Unspoken, Wrath Sins). A line-up change took place during the production process, resulting in a new drummer.
October 2017 saw the launch of the EP, ‘Tzak Sotz’ and more line-up changes, by the year’s end, resulting in the inclusion of Miguel Silva (Wrath Sins) on bass and Afonso Ribeiro as session drummer. Following the launch event for ‘Tzak Sotz’, the band signed with Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicao 2018 and are currently touring Portugal.

Apocalyptic Machine – Banging hard and heavy as all hell exciting intro! Drum explosion like metal fireworks, with riffs of fire and monster death growls, combining to form the biggest, most furious metal storm. Ever been in the front row of the cinema, when the action sound effects commence and you’re suddenly blasted by immensely shocking noise levels, making you want to run, screaming, from the cinema, before your eardrums implode? Replace that sound with metal of the same proportions. Now you’re enthralled, right? That’s the experience delivered by ‘A.M’. It’s well titled, cos it’s true.

Within The Evil Empire – Crashing intro once more, this time, giving the riffs greater scope to run the show. Everything’s just turned up to the max, as the drums hammer at your brain, in rhythm and sync with the riffs, the growls turn to screams and thrash becomes the master. Pitch perfect, top-notch production, audio values to kill, as the battering ram of sound gatecrashes the wall and strips your brain tissue clean, like a pneumatic drill. Artistically performed outro, changed down in an instant, from pure metallic chaos, to quiet, slowed, controlled contemplation, for the briefest of minutes, as that memorable riff fades out. Nailed it.

The End Of Civilization – Another wild blast of drums opens, followed by a roar and a thrash fest of riffs. A very classic vibe to this, very reminiscent of Blaze Bayley’s ‘Crack In The System.’ Just pure mosh material, performed with monster wall-to-wall sound that’d shake the room to its foundations. Great stuff altogether.

Reborn – Opening with a sinister creeping acoustic note, cymbal hits and careful bass work, all finished off with a tribal-esque drumbeat, to create the perfect horror thriller gothic intro. Blazing fast riffs take up the slack next, seguing right into the growly vocals, as the rhythm reveals itself, reminding of Intense’s ‘Fear Is Not Enough’. That same ancient Mayan theme encapsulates their debut album, from which it’s taken. A continuation of high-quality metal just obliterates anything in its path, till the end. Mightily impressive.

Tzak Sotz – A veritable mosh fest of epically thunderous proportions right from the start’s already characterised the well-placed title track. That creature from the black lagoon arises once more, to take its place, as it’s blackened, blood-soaked vocal emissions roar their way through the track, for all they’re worth. Fiery riffs take centre stage next, as they throw enough notable melody into the show, to be remembered. Ending on a classically eastern section, evoking visions of pyramids and Turkish Delight, the full percussive potential is reached, as those riffs and darkly subtle bass form the backbone of the startling pace. Just immense. Voluble, smooth and intense, all at once. Fire, aggression, excitement and melody, all in one song. Unforgettable.

Overall – Well, this heightened level of skill and intensity was definitely worth waiting for. It’s a positive raging inferno, with an undercurrent of cool, calm, collected contemplation. Including blackened vocal expression and made for moshing riffs; drumming fury, gentle light percussion and background steady bass – it lacks nothing and emphasises everything. Well produced and skilfully performed. Delivering the heavier end of thrash, it works well as a death/thrash combo genre, or as a stand-alone thrash project and will appeal to fans of all elements. Brilliantly composed and artfully arranged and structured.

10/10 **********

For fans of heavy thrash, death, black, screamo and melo-death.

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