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Formed January 2014 in Santo Andre, Brazil, Blackning are a thrash band, with power elements, from São Paulo, Brazil. Coming from the perspective of classic old school influences, they still retain their own uniqueness. Combining hard-core, heavy metal and death aspects, this creates a sound expressing speed and trad metal, with all the hooks to prove it.

A 4 piece, with experience of touring, live shows and recorded releases, launched throughout Brazil, America, Europe and Russia, international tours and more power in their performances, since recruiting Zozi Fernando, their second guitarist, last year.
Now having 3 physical releases under their belts, the debut ‘Order Of Chaos’ secured them number 34 in the Headbangers Latino America’s Best Album Releases in 2014, competing against bands throughout the continent. They won the same award last year, for their most recent release at that time, ALieNation. 2016 saw them achieve Premio Dynamite De Musica Independente’s best releases slot for best heavy metal albums – a highly respected and coveted award.

Following opening for Onslaught and Krisiun the year prior to that, Blackning have been invited to play alongside the legendary Sacred Reich (USA), on their debut Brazilian tour and also the renowned Canadian trad speed metal band Exciter, during their South American tour.

Blackning are endorsed by a wealth of companies. To date, this, ‘Eyes In The Mirror’, is their current 3 track EP, released October 30th, 2017, independently, on physical and digital formats.

Crowd Control – Oration intro, slightly like that on Leppard’s ‘Armageddon’. Swiftly followed by a crash of solid, heavy, unrepentant metal. A barrage of drums, thrash filled vocals and doom edged riffs and bass force their way through, to the end, adding in some melody and speed rhythm, while introing a deathy element, on which, it closes. Mega heavy fayre.

Eyes In The Mirror – Right in there, with a forcefield of metallic fury, edgy Slayer-esque speed riffs, determined drumming aggression and vocal rage, a decent helping of vibrato and snazzy paradiddles. Just an action packed feast of metal strength and endurance, from start to finish, all wrapped up at the end, by a definitive drum roll, defying any debate. Not for the fainthearted or those with mellow tastes).

Mean Machine – Crazy, Ozzy-esque riffs introing, along with deep throated, more melodic vocals and an exhilarating upbeat pitch). This, for me, is where the catch lies and that speed/power overtake is just sublime. Something very ‘Iron Fist’-esque about the pace and rhythm and even the feel of the whole thing and it’s over way too soon. A great sneaky way to close – leaving you in thrall to the sound and desperate for more.

Overall – An epic thrill fest showcase of heavy-metal speed and agility, from start to finish. ‘Crowd Control’ and Eyes In The Mirror’ will titillate those of a deathier persuasion, whilst ‘Mean Machine’ holds the gold and the power, for the melodic speed metal freaks, like myself. In other words, it’s got something for everyone. Crank it up loud, till the walls vibrate.

9/10 *********

For fans of Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne and death/thrash combo bands.

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