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Nath Bravo – ‘Shadowman’   4 comments

Nath Bravo, a 21-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter, with a natural inclination towards classic early blues and jazz and an equally natural talent for singing it, is also a born musician, whose vocalisation of this began at 5 years of age. Adding the piano to her repertoire at 13, her first song was written at the tender age of just 14.

Inspired by greats such as Nina Simone, BB King, Beth Hart, Tom Waits, Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald, she won 2nd place in iPop 2013, went to L.A., intending to produce her debut, but instead, committed to continuing her vocal preparations, till she discovered her own unique signature sound.

2015 brought success in the form of a 4-minute original track winning her first place in a national competition, run by her university, at that time, recognised as one of the best in the country. At 18, she began producing and recording demos. A year later, having travelled to London, Nath performed open mics and live sessions in 30+ places, in 2 months, culminating in the launch of ‘Mercy’, her debut single, entirely self produced and released.

In September of 2016, she became the featured artist within Vidanta group, in Mexico, for 6 months. Travelling back home to Mexico in early 2017, to concentrate on writing music, she then launched a new EP, in November and is presently touring this, around London.

Shadowman – Wow! Intensely talented soul voice intro’s, pouring extraordinarily emotional investment into the track, hitting every note, twist and turn, with such effortless ease and competence. The ultimate accomplishment breathes through this, with absolute conviction and such heightened skill that no words could ever do it justice. Thoroughly mind blowing and stunning, beyond belief. The closest comparison is to say that this is what the probable outcome would sound like, if Adele, the late Amy Winehouse and Dusty Springfield’s voices were combined with that of Erin Larsson, from Blues Pills. You won’t hear this level of vocal gymnastics and magnificence often.

10/10 **********

For fans of Blues Pills, St Jude, Adele, the late Amy Winehouse and Dusty Springfield, Duffy, Mary J Blige and Nellie Furtado.

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