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New independent release ‘DeaDHeaD’, by The Rocket Dolls, from Brighton, is brought to you via their new music video. The video comes ahead of the forthcoming album and UK tour of the same name, including Wildfire Fest and Ramblin’ Man Fair. ‘DeaDHeaD’ portrays a symbolic fantasy scenario, revolving around the use and misuse of chosen figures, by perceived superiors, to deliver crime, punishment and consequent death, on their behalf. It then reveals a significant twist.

Directed by Dave Neale and James Eldridge, of Wild Stag Studios, ‘DeaDHeaD’ actually symbolises vocalist/guitarist Nicki Smash’s own struggles with mental illness, self-medication and prescribed drugs. Released on 6th April 2018, the album ‘DeaDHeaD’  is already available, to pre-order, digitally.

DeaDHeaD – Very Nirvana-esque, ‘Bleach’ type grungy acoustic intro, moving instantly, into a typically A.I.C. sound, with touches of Soundgarden, as the feeling hits and the heaviness makes its mark. There’s a real groove about it, as it ups the grunge factor even more, interspersing it with a bit of straight melodic rock. Good hits of defined hard edged heavy rock at the end, giving it a certain presence. A decent listen, with a shade of mellowness, contained within the grunge. An obvious darkness envelops the video, visually portrayed, through the background colours and the scenes themselves. The inner conflicts are also evident, from the fire in the eyes, the physical vibrations of the surroundings and the inter-and intra-personal turmoil displayed. Overall, it marries the audio-visual aspects well, in its expression of socio-emotional distress. Clear, cohesive and concise. It hits home.

7/10 *******

For fans of A.I.C., Nirvana, Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver, Sebastian Bach.

Photo Credit: Tina-K Photography at

Album pre-order links available now at:

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