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A 3 piece death thrash metal band from Winnipeg, Canada, VOTOV is composed of ex-members of Immortal Possession, The Grim Meat Hook Experience, Serrated Scalpel, Psychotic Gardening, Eyam and Broken Hope.

VOTOV was born in 2015, from the will to write the kind of music the then trio from Psychotic Gardening were influenced by. Taking a basic formula, VOTOV is built around the precept of old school traditional death and thrash metal combos.

This 1st self titled debut album comes after 2 years of intense focus. It’s a lively, darkly energetic album, of strong and relentless physicality and back to basics traditional metal, old school to its core.

‘VOTOV’ is now being distributed to labels and a European tour is planned for 2018.

The Smear – Brutal intro! Majorly heavy, like being weighed down with concrete boots and dunked in a black river, by demonic entities, performing a satanic mass, with all the dark vocal possession, to prove it. It actually shook the vibrations of my home, triggering a domino effect of falling furniture. A soul’s already been sacrificed and it’s only the beginning.

Organic Incarceration – Pummelling drums open, followed by ritualistic riffs and throaty growls, in a monster like edifice. A bit samey and repetitive, but consistent, all the same. Short, but beastly track.

Absinuance – Straight in there, laying down some heavy riffs and resentful, angry roary vocals, dripping with contempt. A more lyrically intense track, though you have to gain the emphasis from the vocal delivery, as the death style kills the clarity.

Indoctrination – Much thrashier intro! Riffs are central, with the drums hammering the message home. Very slight melody here, building momentum and mainly composed of darkness. Brief bursts of blackened intent are what this album’s all about.

Massing Link – Instant, frenetic, furious speed riffs intro, lifting it very briefly, out of the darkness and almost into the light. The evil emanations persist through the vocals, but this time, the riff emergence brings a chink of light.

By The Disgrace Of God – More riff emphasis intro’s, but the vocal soon joins the fray, with an ingrained determination to roar and growl its way onto the scene. Slightly longer, with more instrumental accompaniment, though just as dark and definitely more death than thrash.

Reviled Deliverance – A single solid drum hit intro’s, before raining down a barrage of blows. The monster vocals return, with a stomping rhythm, as the drums take centre stage for this one. A bone rattling feel permeates it, adding visual imagery of bone shaking vehicles of doom, driving you to your death.

Dethroned Emperor – Volume going up, through the roof, as a strikingly heavy riff sensation sends your guts dropping through the floor. That’s what you call ‘bowel shaking’. Now the kind of melody which would have served the rest of the album well enters the equation, adding much greater and livelier explosions of character and shades of colour. The enormity of the heaviness remains, though and that’s what ends the album.

Overall – A dark and notably heavy album, which, although consistent, would benefit from increasing the thrash elements and redirecting them, from undertones, to overtones. The death aspects, while impacting and plausible, overshadow the thrash, to the point of black metal styles, obscuring the thrash altogether. Still, faultless performance, through which, the enthusiasm’s evident. The thrash just needs to breathe.

6/10 ******

For fans of Satarial, Venom, Vantablack Warship, Sacral Night.

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