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From Athens, capital of Hellas, WRATHBLADE formed in the latter half of 2003. Founded by Chris Mosalos (formerly of Panix, Depression, Raging Storm), the usual line-up changes followed, till the current line-up completed the band. It consists of members of Litany, Battleroar, Arpyian, Horde and Foredoomed. As a live act, WRATHBLADE has so far played alongside Domine, RAM, Powervice, Battleroar, Old Season, Marauder, Powercrue, Litany and Strikelight, etc. ‘God Of The Deep Unleashed’ is their 5th release and was launched in 2017. It follows previous titles, ‘War Of The Titans’ (2006), ‘Reigns Of Doom’ (2011), ‘Into The Netherworlds Realm’ (2012) and ‘Alive Aftershock’ (2015). ‘G.O.T.D.U’. is 9 tracks of pure heavy-metal!

Sheer Vengeance Will Out Upon Thee – Wow! Massively powerful Celtic intro, throwing out some highly memorable solo vocals, before the racing speed metal takes over, rolling on to the end, with gigantic metal intent. Furiously fast-paced, hugely atmospheric, lively Viking type stuff, through which, you can even see the ship’s mast in your mind’s eye. Whilst this kind of traditional Celtic emphasis is unusual for a band of Greek origin, I can’t deny it’s amazingly accurate and I want to hear more.

Enter The Warriors Guild – More delicious piratical material, building incredible imagery around itself. Enormously catchy and I genuinely love the sound! An inexplicable strength saturates this, with a force that lies beyond description. Suffice to say, if you get off on heavy speed riffs, Celtic lyrics and Viking and Pirate metal, then this is for you.

Castration Of Uranus – Slight slowing of pace and darkening of tone intro’s, yet despite the visuals evoked by the title, there’s still a celebratory lightness in its theme. Insistent purpose screams through it, as the pace increases and the tone brightens, with it. Racing on, with intense imaginative focus and Celtic flair, till the end, this is pure killer.

No Dole For The Blest – Opening on a sexy riff, paving the way for more of the same sensual mood, there’s actually a kingly flavour to this, drenching it with outstanding quality and not just likeability, but loveability. Smoking riffs scorch their way through it, as the pounding rhythm and infinitely powerful vocals singe the rest of the track with unique catchy charisma.

Vaunted Pride – Even more Celtic feeling intro’s, launching straight into a stunning combo of limerick style lyricism and heavy Pirate metal. One word. Unforgettable. As you visualise the flag flying high, it’s individuality continues to floor you, with its disarming scenic evocation. Those drums come into their own, as they beat their way to the end, with absolute conviction and life.

Valiancy, Virtue, Victory – Beautiful acoustic section opens, before bursting into an explosive accompaniment, thrilling and filling your senses, so there’s no room left for anything but joy. The pace grows faster and faster, assisted by warrior type vocals. Ending on a harmonised anthem, depicting old school Celtic legend of battle lore and all that goes with it.

Cthonian Echoes Devour Then Wane – Instant, humongously metallic riffs and drum hits intro and the following vocals soon burn themselves into your psyche. Quickened pace, melody and razor edged metal floods and enlivens it, with atmosphere, till it ends on reverberating masculine shouts.

Transcendent Essence – Straight in there again, with hammering metal force. Vocal emphasis drives the melody on, in a style reflecting metal worship. Filling the song with meaning, it ends on a cleverly workable understated feedback fadeout riff – strikingly powerful in itself and resonating through your spirit.

Submersion – Gorgeous acoustic riffs open, onto hauntingly strong vocals, imbuing the track with profundity and creating an aural landscape of warrior Vikings and Pirates, on a mission, to avenge the honour of their ancestors, through battle and valour, ending in celebratory cider swilling, to mark their defeat.

Overall – This is the sound of true metal warriors in action. ‘God Of The Deep Unleashed’ is exactly what it sounds like. As such, it’s aptly titled. It stands out a mile, not just for its original and unexpected themes, but for the breath-taking power and conviction with which it’s performed. Every now and then, an album comes along, which knocks you off your feet, communes with your soul and tells you you need it in your life. Now. This is it. ‘G.O.T.D.U.’ has broken through every barrier and its unrivalled quality resonates deeply. It’s the Valhalla of metal and WRATHBLADE are the Gods.

10/10 **********

For fans of Alestorm, Tyr, Turisas, In My Embrace, North Hammer, Frost Giant, Sabaton.


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