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Seven tracks of catchy, trad, melodic metal, ‘From This World To The Next’ is the first album Dread have made in 8 years. As such, it has all you could want. Produced by Taylor Young (NAILS, Twitching Tongues), at The Pit Studios, Van Nuys, California. Mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Eternal Champion, Summerlands).

From Albuquerque, N.M., currently of L.A., Dread (Taylor Dread – vocals, A.D. Camarena – lead guitar, Vinny G. – also lead guitar, Carlos Guitierrez – live drums and Bobby Sins – live bass) are inspired by such bands as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Armored Saint). Their mission is to bring back the old school metal sound, with a few additional inspired riffs. They’ve so far played alongside Exciter, Enforcer, Fuelled By Fire and Havok and Dread are a sensational live act, with an unforgettable presence.

Blitzkrieg From Hell – Gorgeous reverb bass led riff intro, gradually fading in, with a memorable wobble section, suddenly taken over by loud, raw metallic drive. The timing’s slightly out and the background, a bit tinny, but the flavour’s still there and the passion audible. Nice bit of vibrato, towards the end and it’s nothing, if not colourful.

Redemption Lies – Far more explosive! Positively warlike sound, of marching, beating drums and an air of lively excitement. The vocals do sound a bit far away and again, there’s a slight tinniness, though less pronounced here. The drums really hold all the power and take it forward, with the riffs upping their game and increasing the volume, approximately 3/4 in. That’s when the melody hits hardest. Closed by the riffs, there’s a sense of the guitars struggling to be heard, over the rest and the general noise distortion, but it’s still driven and it seems, the best is yet to come.

Tyrants Of Demise – Another explosive drum intro, the melody could do with more clarity, as it’s drowned out, by those distorted levels, but you can hear the potential and the effort being invested. In this case, the rhythm’s better timed and there’s a more cohesive sound, culminating in a notably stronger finish. A lingering hope follows.

Lost Souls Ave – Single, mighty drum hit opens, followed by strikingly more powerful, Enforcer type screams and sudden strength entering the vocals. From that point on, the melody grows and the power screams with it. Now, the sound’s improved and this is definitely much more like it! Whatever secret ingredient’s been added here, it works and needs to stay. So much better and now, Dread’s real capabilities are audible). Ending on a standard, but lively riff, this is the best track yet.

The Sleep Of Last Breath – Real power introing, the drums and riffs finally connecting. Now, that classic vibe shows itself and though the tinniness is creeping back in again, there’s just more power and a bigger overall sound, saving its credentials. A racing pace leads into another section, with evidently greater power and propulsion, even if you can hear the band fighting for volume, again, over the background sound and production levels, at times. It does grow louder and heavier, though, so they do win out in the end. Towards the end, the pace is rushed, somewhat, but it’s a sterling effort, deserving of praise, in itself.

From This World To The Next – Cymbals intro, with a much classier riff and drum section, leading, naturally, into a melodic vocal, bringing the hooks and catch with it. Here, rightly so, for the title track, is where the point of greatest cohesion and anthemic warmth enters and with it, the catchiest sound yet. Performed with sincerity and noticeable passion, this ending is impressive and conveys real positive emotion.

Until Again – Beautiful, resonant riff intro, opening onto some truly plausible, profound vocals. Adding another new thread altogether, of poignancy, so palpable, it lifts the whole song. Soaring higher, with the suddenly extraordinarily delivered accompaniments, at that moment, there’s instantaneous synchronised cohesive connection, which is how it ends. Worth waiting for, for that ending alone.

Overall – It may have had a bit of a shaky start, but I’m pleased to say that ‘FTWTTN’ gradually moves in the right direction, growing in strength, till it’s movingly powerful end. Yes, the production and specifically, the levels, could do with a bit of work, especially earlier on, but the passion’s always there and everything culminates, in the most remarkable way, for that emotionally intense finish and that’s its highest point and it’s obvious driving force. Ultimately, it ends better than it started and bearing with it will pay dividends. It takes its time, but rewards you, in the end.

7/10 ******* (tracks 1-3). 8/10 ******** (tracks 4-7).

For fans of classic, old school metal, metal ballads and particularly, Iron Maiden’s ‘Brave New World’ era.


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  8. Perfect just what I was looking for! .

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