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Greybeards are about to release their long-awaited 2nd album, ‘For The Wilder Minds’, via Attitude Recordings, on 4th May 2018. The guys from Gavle, Sweden, have created an album of great tracks, combining rock, alt and catchy heavy pop rock. The imaginative, tuneful catchiness is the greatest strength of the tracks on ‘FTWM’. Post-release, Greybeards are booked as special guests of Bonafide, on their UK tour in May.

Recorded at Studio Sound Society and Sound Control Swede, in Gavle, Sweden, ‘FTWM’ was produced by Chips Kiesby (The Hellacopters, Crucified Barbara, Bonafide) and co-produced by Regina Wallmark. Strings on ‘Peace Of Mind’ were recordedĀ and produced by Maria Gronlund, at Studio Strings.

The concept of the intro track revolves around online identities and how they’re constructed and sustained, to the detriment of our own realities.

Fast Asleep – Killer riff introing, pounding drums follow, alive, unhesitant vocals come next. Easy catchy flow to the melody, upbeat, happy vibes and a great modern feel to the overall sound. The ending’s just very slightly rushed and momentarily mistimed, between the bass and lead guitar, but generally, it’s got it all. Feel-good rhythms and sense to the whole thing and a summer soundtrack essence – what’s not to like?

One In A Billion – Pleasant, gentle, tinkling intro, launching, from there, into a full on rocked up sound. Instant catch, showcasing natural old school vocals, in a newer, vibrant accompaniment. Better timed closing section and just a very punchy, uplifting song.

Come Undone – Changing tack now, to a Placebo-esque vocal and more of a Brit rock sound. Decent mid-paced rhythm, consistently maintained and a rocky vibe. A bit more of a laid-back arrangement, but again, very listenable.

Insane – Banging drum intro, good racy beat, confidently delivered, enjoyably voluble. A very fun track, with plentiful riffage and cheerful sounding backing vocals, if slightly cacophonous, at times. Real tightness deployed in that rhythm, whilst countering it with looser sections and an almost punky, freestyle vocal. Ultimately, it’s a great, sunny listen and only a killjoy would say otherwise.

Beautiful Things – Ace, plucky intro, immediate and snazzy, again, bringing that Placebo-esque vocal back again. Similar rhythm, even. Well timed intro of backing singers and appealing title theme. More poppy in its general sound and essence, but passionately performed and difficult to fault.

Free – Instant, cracklingly powerful drum intro. Right into it, with very appealing lyrics and rockier rhythm. The fast beat alone seems to pull you in and drag you along with it. Really bright, colourful feeling and some great twiddly riffage. There’s a strength to this, which stands out a mile and so far, this has got to be the catchiest track. Well ended, with an air of skidding into the ending, after a fun, enthralling ride. Just how it should be.

You Struck Me – Dimmer intro, with a gentler vibe, yet still pleasant, in its own way and utilising lighter small percussion. It soon brightens up, though, with a happier chorus. Somehow, it carries a folky feel and a gentle simplicity, which really make it what it is – a cheery track, completely free of pretension and building confidence and height, as it goes along. Nice quick touch on the closing riffs).

Cold December – Notably Green Day-esque intro, so clear, you can almost see them jumping around, in that free, punky way, as they play. Very bright vibe to this, very catchy and so summery and just filled with fun sounds, all the way through. There’s nothing else to say. You’ve just got to love it.

Peace Of Mind – Opening with a single chord, fading into a more melancholic sound, through which, the lyrical meaning is audible. A definite sorrow infuses it, yet the resultant strength comes through, too. What this track does is relates the mental processes of the song’s theme, in stages, as the tension and release builds, throughout it and especially towards the end. It’s ultimately, a thought-provoking piece.

The Nerve – Crushing sense to that intro, in a demonstration of suffocation. It’s actually like a narrative form, as the track progresses, through which, you can sense the life lessons recounted and the breakthrough achieved through them. Amongst all that, though, the bluesy licks progress and speed up, with the hedonistic drum sections and heightened riff pitches, to create a full-bodied, involving listen, lifting your mood and adding flavour and atmosphere. Building, to a fabulous crescendo, it ends on a massively bluesy finale, rocking it to the core. If ever there was a crowd-pleasing closer, that’s it.

Overall – ‘FTWM’ is a pleasant surprise, filled with colour and life, with a bluesy edge and an intriguing variety of sounds and genre twists. Purists may struggle to grasp its concepts, but for the more eclectic listener, there are treats galore. Good party piece.

8/10 ********

For fans of Brit rock, NWOBHM, punk, folk and blues.

‘Fast Asleep’ Lyric video:

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