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Currently, one of Italy’s most famous bands amongst the Pagan and Celtic genre, founded in 2008, from a collaborative project between 2 of its members, from which, the band name emerged, ‘MaterDea’ was also the title of the Celtic soundtrack for a brief film, on which the collaboration was based. In itself, ‘MaterDea’ stems from a collection of influences, of various origins, surrounding the concept behind the band.

Influenced by Genesis, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin, their sound is best summarised as neo-classical light power metal. Devised as strong, spiritual music, with fantastical elements, it succeeds in this colourful purpose. All 7 band members bring classical training to this vibrant sound. Having 4 albums under their belts, to date, (‘Below The Mists, Above The Brambles’), 2009, ‘Satyricon’ (2011), ‘A Rose For Egeria’ (2014) and ‘The Goddess Chants’ (2016), ‘Pyaneta’ is their 5th and is due for release on June 8th in Europe and July 6th in North America, via Rockshots Records. (Released on 8th May in the UK).

Back To Earth – Whale song opens onto a sci-fi-esque, otherworldly narrative, gradually exploding into full pelt metal. Memorably powerful feminine vocals, much in the vein of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish and Delain. Dealing with the themes and lyrical duties with complete ease, there’s no hesitation, as she just moves straight into it, swimming through and with it, easily. A notable fluidity encapsulates the track, holistically, as it ends on another voice-over, extolling love as an immediate and central panacea to all.

The Return Of The King – Ethereal beauty haunts this intro, incorporating a combo of light sounds, before evolving, once more, into powerful metal. Again, it just flows, so naturally. Vocally and instrumentally, it is one. Pure melody. Some very intriguing accompaniments in there. Great fast pace, gathering momentum, as it goes, eventually ending on a bestial whale cry, amongst the sound of breaking glass. It’s unique and capably performed.

One Thousand And One Nights – An Eastern vocal intro’s, on to rapidly deployed heavy-metal instrumentals. A quickened pace pushes it along, purposefully, as its power grows. More than ably assisted by those driven riffs. Ending on the Eastern vibe, to which it returns, a world of power infuses its sound, as that tight, determined drum hit closes it. Strength in spades and an individual touch, to go with it.

Pyaneta – Introing with a heartbeat and an underwater breathing sensation, it moves in, very carefully, with the accompaniments, as there’s a very slightly more restrained sense to them, in places, here. Any fan of operatic metal’s going to get on well with these vocals and that sax is just sumptuous. Filled with mystery and enigma, it’s a thrilling delivery and full of surprises.

Neverland – Opening with a flock of seagulls in the background of the sound of manual labour, planing off and soaring into vivid melody. Palpable accompaniments and magical sounds interspersing it. Loaded with catchy rhythms and melodies, this is a standout track, for sure. Particularly, where the finale’s concerned. There’s enough power and momentum in the finale alone, to fuel any fire of metallic passion.

S ‘Accabadora – Male vocals introing here, in a worshipful tone. Celtic sounds follow, before and surrounding the feminine, lighter vocals. Heavily melodic, with a lyrically narrative style. Combining light and shade, soft and heavy, as the powered accompaniments flow in and out and around the vocals. There’s just so much beauty pulsing with life and energy, throughout this and it closes on a strong drum finale. Just beautiful.

The Legend Of The Pale Mountains – Opening onto an aural scene of mediaeval forests and lakes, complete with violin and accordion, to accompany it. The electrifying riffs hit at that point. Gentle, feminine vocals join them there, telling their story, till the full on instrumentals take over, on and off. Eventually ending on a diminishing fade-out, it’s said all it needs to.

Legacy Of The Woods – Birdsong and an aura of enchantment intro’s, replaced by tuneful acoustic riffs and beautifully melodic vocals. Heightening the power and heaviosity, it races along on a thread of metal gold. Spinning a tale of old world mystery, as it speeds along its path, it’s just full on melody till the end, when the birdsong returns. Gorgeous.

Coven Of Balzaares – Thunder intro’s, a piano section, mysterious children’s laughter and a heavier accompaniment and then masculine vocals enter. Seeming to blend in with the feminine ones, at certain points, the masculine aspect does gain in strength, though still interweaves with the feminine. Lots of soaring tones in here, picking up more power, as they go. Definitely a greater mystique to this, generally.

Metamorphosis – Sounds of tinkling chimes and a short voice-over, before the instantly involved vocals come into play. More than competently supported by big instrumentals and an air of affecting passion and power. So melodic, in fact, it’s the melody that drives this, all the way and one way or another, it’s going to leave a lasting impression.

Bourre del Diavolo – Wolves howling at the outset, the pumped up accompaniments get straight in there, with a real Celtic flavour and a hurried tone and rhythm. Sharp, affected male vocals narrate their story, in another language, complete with evil laughter. Brief female vocals play a part, before being drowned out, by the excitable male and it closes on a child’s mobile, playing a nursery rhyme. Odd way to finish, perhaps, but memorable, regardless and maybe, that’s the point.

Overall – I have nothing but compliments for ‘Pyaneta’. It’s a blissful album, from start to end. Narrating a wonderfully fantastical tale, with all the skills and passion inherent within it. A metallic, mythological storyboard, combining old and new world wonder is the closest summation of this standout album. A definite example of all killer, no filler, with mysterious touches, accentuating the metal.

10/10 **********

For fans of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Delain, Frost Giant, WYKAN, Within Temptation, Pagandom, Satarial, Xael, Northhammer.

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