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Self produced, at Arapacis Studios, 2017-2018, by Jerry Fielden, brand-new offering ‘Deja Doom’, from Arapacis, is a 4 track EP, minimally mastered, to maintain originality of sound.

Artwork also by Jerry Fielden, except for the front cover, by Shelle Macpherson.

Consequences Of Dreams – Very bass heavy intro, Sab-esque, ‘Iron Man’ like drum sound and a clear doom overtone. Unusually refreshing feminine vocals, revealing a gothic edge and a notably pleasant sharpness to the lyrics. An audibly effective stripped back sound to the accompaniments, bringing a freedom within it. Surprising gore vocal finale, adding another angle. Generally, it’s a novel approach, making for a versatile outcome and a comfortable listen. Relieving, even.

Drop Of Hope – Great exciting whammy style vibrato riffing opening! Truly original. Again, the acuity of those vocals gets straight into it, bringing in an unexpectedly grimy edge to the line endings. A really colourful, multifaceted approach to the guitar work in here, incorporating a combo of wobble, paradiddles, twiddly fret styles and straight out, sharpened metal riffs. Taking it up and bringing it down, in all the right places, considering that this is a more basic work, it still includes a lot of variety and if anything, opens it up, becoming all the more freestyle for it.

The Green Fairy – Good, clear, confident drum intro, asserting its place and creating a darker sound, together with the bass. The low, rumbling heaviness of the latter accentuates the pointedness of the vocals, admirably. A decent mixture of well timed gory darkness and sweetness of light peppers those lyrics and a simple, but intensely focused bass line rhythm provides the core. Ironically intriguing sound, given the title, but all aspects are audible, through the changes in melody, tone and cadence. Even visual, to some extent. Ending on a simple section and a lighter feel, the imagery’s best evoked here.

End Of The Line – A lighter sense to this intro, combining heavy and light percussion, with a softer melody. Vocally softer aswell. More of a mellow tone, generally, yet still incorporating some heavier elements, in places. Interestingly fulsome sound, given it’s built around a more basic structure. Quite laid-back atmosphere, generally, throwing in a few electrifyingly lively riffs here and there. That’s the hand of experience coming out in that riffage. It’s automatically audible. Far more instrumental basis within here, but the vocals are no less powered, for that. In fact, that voice does horror metal well. A well-rounded track, covering all angles.

Overall – An all-round, relaxed, laissez faire approach to an EP, of quality, rather than quantity, which still eclectically performed, delivers some novel methods and unique features, within capable, accomplished hands.

9/10 *********

For fans of Vampyre Heart, Voodoo Blood and Kyuss.


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  2. I’m not sure if this is nothing in common, however do you curate a spotify playlist?

    • No, as this is a reviews blog, as is evident from the title and contents. Anyway, I don’t use spotify. I generally listen to music off-line anyway. I’m sure you don’t need someone else to construct a playlist for you. You can easily create your own. If it’s spotify tracks you’re after, then simply click that site and you’ll find plenty of them.

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