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Hard-core metal band, well-known in Northern California, Almost Dead are inspired by Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and Sepultura. They write songs with thrash groove built into the hard-core sound and truly give it their all.

Winning the 2007 Gorilla Productions ‘Battle Of The Bands’, they won the Tournament Of Champions. Having opened for M.O.D., The Dickies and Hostility, at Slims, The New Parish and The Metro Opera House, their 4th album, ‘Lay Me Down To Waste’, has now been released.

Dysmorphia – Gorgeously ominous steel string intro, with blazing drums in rapid succession. Haunting and fiery at once. A gothic background, to a full on live round of machine-gun fire. Really cleverly designed song structure, built around a massively heavy thrash mood.

Lay Me Down To Waste – A more refined and much gentler steel string intro. Moving, with perfect fluidity, into true heaviness, still well interspersed with softer sections. Brilliantly well-built momentum, always balanced right between light and shade and totally believable. Soul stirring stuff.

Shot To The Head – Battle round of drum hits intro’s and here’s where the real hard-core hits. Vocals taking it right into the pit and giving it every single ounce of raw passion and energy. Nuclear fuelled and hugely heady. Metal rage reigns in here and doesn’t let up. Explosive ending, of such power, you can see the blood spurt and feel the fangs, as the savage wolf of your imagination rips open your leg.

Why Am I Alive? – Moving in gradually, through a brief tunnel-esque sound, the hard-core heaviness comes thick and fast. Beating drums, rabid vocals, speeding pace and riffs so heavily energised, you can lose yourself in them. This here is real metal therapy.

Alive In You – Beautiful acoustic intro, palpably haunting, grit filled vocals and awesomely profound lyrics. There’s no way you can hear this without feeling it. Some truly gorgeous blues riffs twang their way through to the absolute depths of you and you just feel it. It’s as long as it needs to be, to get its message through. Brief, but unforgettable.

All That I Despise – Creepy riff intro, held so well and further enhanced by that equally creepy whisper. Exploding into angry life, pulsing with audibly justifiable rage. Electrifying, acute and shocking, in its short, but pointed delivery. A majorly powerful blast of reality on the darker side of life. Testament’s ‘The Haunting’ springs to mind. Echoes of ‘Alone In The Dark’ are present there too.

Deadman – A live fire of drumming again, throwing out the power, with mighty aggression. Real hard-core stuff, once more, like a much heavier RATM, with Testament-esque riffs and Slayer-like edge. So brief, it just pounds out the anger, in one short burst.

Trash Talk – Galloping intro, chucking all the rage they can muster down, into the pit. Doing some great gory stuff with the vocals, so blackened, you can hear the sewage spilling from a drain like mouth. Maximum volume, amped up to the top of its power. Another snatched glimpse of pure, unadulterated rage.

AWOL – Booming drums intro, accompanied by a slice of classic riffage. Unbridled anger takes hold of those lyrics, driving them on, to the corner of the precipice. Very Pantera-esque here, reflecting back the strains of ‘Domination’, before it ends, in yet another blur of edgy aggression.

Kill Or Be Killed – Blasting out the molten metallic energy, at full pelt, this has got to win the prize for energised performance. This offering even evokes scenes of late-night car chases, with gothic horror atmospherics interlaced within. Yes, there’s a repetitive brevity to most of these tracks, but so much raw energy and power is packed into them, that it just doesn’t matter.

Overall – A slab of steel driven rage and blood spurting horror, like you’ve never heard before. Atmospherically dense, with visual assault and gothic mind terror. Almost Dead are masters at brevity of power. ‘LMDTW’ multiplies the energy and strength of even the heaviest of metal albums, leaving you terrorised, traumatised and gagging for more.

10/10 **********

For fans of Testament, Slayer, Pantera, RATM, Metallica.


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