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Demolition Train – ‘Bound By Horror, Sealed With Blood’   1 comment

Founded in 2009, by Apostolis Korakas (guitars), Vasilis Korakas (guitars), Nikos Niavis (drums) and Michalis Papadimitriou (bass). Created with one basic mission in mind – to rock out! Loudly. As loudly as possible.

After some false starts initially, the first¬†2 years were spent trying to secure the full line-up, whilst producing early music. By 2011, they were ready and their demo EP, ‘Kill Your Boss’, (a sentiment to which many can surely relate), was released. Following a couple of temporary exits from the band, to pursue postgraduate education overseas, Witchkiller, from Steamroller Assault came on board, as bassist. The resulting power trio remain.

Their debut album, ‘Unleash The Hordes’, was launched in 2015. They’re currently promoting the next one, entitled, ‘Bound By Horror, Sealed With Blood’, via Eat Metal Records.

The Night Of The Wurdulak (Intro) – Creepy sinister scream intro’s, along with an equally ominous, but highly intriguing bass line. Funeral bells accompany the dark, slide riffs and the percussion slots right in. A really imaginative, visually evocative piece, making good use of rhythm and shady melodies, to solidify the picture, in your mind. Excellent starter. Edge of the seat stuff. Fits the rain and greyness outside, perfectly.

Beast Of Hades – Intense riff opening. Immediate insane riff fest, of real thrash material. Proper lyrical thrash stuff, too. So damn catchy, you just lose focus, as you find yourself wanting to sing, shout and mosh along. Huge rhythms, cemented in place by clearly seasoned drum sections. An overtone of darkness, coloured by thrashtastic tones and aural hues. Skilled delivery, high quality sound production and flawless performance.

Witchkiller – Massively visual, witch hunting intro, with all the verbals and surrounding public courtyard sounds to go with it. Opening onto an evil sounding vocal, with matching riffs, makes this an instant and memorable ace. Breaking down into a doom melody, in the classiest way and interlacing it with power riffs and thrash vocals, it’ll appeal to fans of most metal genres. Successfully conveying the emotion of the moment and their considerable skills of metallic dexterity, this should go down a storm with most.

Wendigo Screams – Instant power riffs and screams intro and this time, I had to scream along. Top quality here. Of the type of stuff that belongs on ‘Heavy Metal Killers’. Everything from R.A.M., to Anthrax is audible in here and it works screamingly well. Enormously catchy, pressured steamroller action speeds and rocks it along and you’ll want this and in particular, those infectious power screams, on endless repeat.

Dawn Of The Necromancer – Ace, lively, sexy, crunching bass line introing. Throbbing vocals follow, enhancing that orgasmic sense some more. Thrashing mad, like a bastard, it’s gloriously hellish and I love it and so will you. That rhythm and pace is crazed, contagious and just sees it through. Dark, sensual and playing with melody, within the darkness, it’s absolutely faultless.

Symphony Of Horror – Instant speed riffs intro, onto a landscape of pure metal. Classic thrash vocals hit the mark immediately and carry you along in their wake. Hugely catchy rhythms again, capably assisted by the drums and their pure steel backdrop. Just an immense feat of metal masterdom. Want escapism? Fast, loud, metal escapism? Try this.

Blood On Satan’s Claw – Banging explosive drum intro, getting straight into an epic riff fest, with equally epic melodies. Some very tasty Slayer-esque electrifying, sharpened riffs in there and a real power element overlaying the whole thing. Ending on a traditional speed power sound, you’ve got to love it and that’s it.

Grim Reaper – Immediate, immaculately timed vocals introing. Doesn’t miss a beat. Perfected thrash is what this is. Just thrash, to the bone, all the way through. Aptly evil vocals depict the tone of the theme and the darkened sense emanating from it, yet without becoming too blackened. Everything’s in perfect sync and the sound embodies the title.

Nocturnal Rite – (Outro) – Measured tones and an eerie sense intro this, with classy atmospherics. Actually building the ominous atmosphere, growing creepier and darker, it then ends on a light percussion, meeting and closing the darkest point, like the light at the end of the tunnel. Perfect and truly unique, ideal closer.

Overall – It’s a remarkably rare album that can clinch the rage of Pantera, coupled with the speed and melodies of R.A.M., the power of Enforcer and the thrash force of Anthrax. ‘B.B.H.S.W.B.’ achieves it, saying it all, in itself, but taking into account, the multitude of immense talents and skills inherent within the entire performance, it’s got to win full points for the mightily impressive outcome. Metallic mastership epitomises ‘B.B.H.S.W.B’.

10/10 **********

For fans of Pantera, Enforcer, R.A.M., Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax, Down, C.O.C., H.O.D., Megadeth.


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Defeater – ‘Endless Ray’   2 comments

Introducing Defeater’s current EP, ‘Endless Ray’.

Endless Ray – Gradual intro, with synthesisers and an air of mystery, moving into a party metal section, moving up a gear, when the edgy feminine vocals come into force. Those screams are impressive and the riffs provide the central power, ably supported by the drums. It does have to be said that the accompaniments provide most of the melody in this case and that whilst they are enthusiastic, the vocals could do with more presence. There’s a sense that the vocalist’s focusing too much on volume, at the expense of melody and therefore, losing some of her potential. The vocal sound quality’s hiding in the shadows and needs to come forward.

Evil Strike – Enigmatic bass driven intro, opening onto some great riff melodies and again, the power screams are capable, but more vocal range is needed. Here, the drums drive much of the track, adding speed and energy. The main thing with those vocals, though, is there’s just too much focus on power screams and more needs to be channelled into actually singing. The potential is there, as is audible, through the screams. It just needs to be brought forward.

Bleed For The Gods – (Agent Steel) – Far more powerful intro, of top instrumental quality. More melodic vocals this time, though she needs a more powerful microphone. Generally, a great catchy pace and rhythm, with lots of energy and just what you’d expect from a standard power metal track.

Galactic Domination – (Rehearsal) – Opening gradually, but this time, it’s actually a lot louder and stronger. Loads of cymbal involvement and somehow, it’s got that exuberant, playful sense of natural improvisation, colouring it, significantly. This is much more like it. A pure instrumental, showing the full sound potential within the rhythm section. A full on, energised jam session, with all the light-hearted fun to add to it. However, the sound levels are deafening and do need to be better controlled, as my ears rang so much, I had to commit the ultimate sacrilege and turn it down. Still enjoyable, though.

Overall – Okay, so ‘Endless Ray’ didn’t grab me as much as it might have, but it still holds a lot of potential. Its main strength is the instrumental speed and melodies. Ultimately, the singer may just need more time and confidence, as well as a stronger microphone, but her power screams are of undeniable notational quality. Collectively, the fun, light-hearted energy is ‘ER”s U.S.P. The vocals just need to match the accompaniments’ melodies, to bring it all into synch.

6/10 ******

For fans of Vixen

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