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Not My Master – ‘Disobey’   1 comment

Based in Texas, extreme groove metal band Not My Master have just signed an international deal with Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records. Founded in 2016, the 4 piece rapidly progressed within their local El Paso scene. A violent combo of thrash, groove, extreme metal and a hint of southern rock, ‘NMM’ is very much a local initiative. Inspired by classic greats such as Pantera, Nirvana, Eyehategod, etc, they’ve so far played alongside the likes of Death Angel, Soulfly, Nile, Rotting Christ, LA Guns, Kyng, Lord Dying, Odin, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Forevermore, Kingdom Of Giants, Darkness Divided, Master and Childbite. Their US tours to date include renowned venues, The Whisky a Go-Go and Viper Room, L.A.

Released on 6th July 2018, the 7 track EP, produced, at CMC21 Productions, Santa Clarita, CA, by Chris Collier (Korn, Prong, Fear Factory), includes a cover of Danzig’s ‘How The Gods Kill’, performed with guest guitarist Matt Xero, from Murder FM. Original writer – Glenn Danzig.

Recorded at Dicodec Music Studio and Sound Stage 9, El Paso, TX.

Acadence – Drumming assault intro’s, opening the way for a primal battlefield metal attack. Crunching riffs, steel as fuck, vicious vocals and hellishly heavy rhythms sear your skin. Verging on noise territory, throwing in some blacksmith noises, intensifying the metal some more, this is not for the fainthearted. It’s raucous sound and almost blackened violent aggression will leave their mark, heavily. I think my brain’s bleeding.

Revenge – Banging, dense, leadened intro. I’m picturing a fight in a scrapyard, in the dead of night. Here, the vocals are actually mellower, in places, but that’s only a background impression, around the chunky heavyweight stony thud of danger. Short, but arresting.

Where’s God Now – Steel string riff intro, taking it in a more melodic direction, at least. Now, the violence takes on a slimier, sleazier edge. Those drums continue to lay down a hardened baton of pure steel, while the lyrics grow frenzied and this time, the beat displays a catchy rhythm, surrounding the steady hands of doom. Slide riff closing, it’s definitely memorable and does at least, provide a brief window of respite from the ceaseless mortar attack of the previous tracks.

Morning Star – Ooh, enigmatic intro, conveying a gradually enveloping darkness, shrouded in the mystery of quiescence, till the full reality of darkness hits you. A slow, steady beat maintains the ominous intrigue, sporadically shattered, by the disturbing rage revealing itself through the vocals. Even an intelligently placed triangle performs its duty, alongside the cymbals, adding that extra mystery, upon which, it ends, like an unanswered question.

Lies – Coruscating intro, replicating the sense of acoustic echoes along an iron fence. The roar of enraged, monster growls rips your face off, rampaging through the dark night, on its evil mission to destroy. Drumming duties are well performed, as they batter their metal stakes into the ground. Uncompromising aggression fuels this tank of hate.

How The Gods Kill – Nirvana-esque riff intro, bringing light and patience to the fore. Quite lovely, as its’ blues slide tone is deployed, with equally calming blues vocals. Moving suddenly, into a full-scale guitar breakdown, serving it’s classic zone well. Becoming an electric, orgasmic, full on groove laced number, with the searing sound effect of a match scraping along its striking edge, before eventually, but still too soon for me, finishing on a beautifully sexy climb-down riff outro, making for an epic finale. Standout track, for certain.

Consume – A freer, lighter, percussion-based intro, working well as a follow-up to ‘HTGK’ and then, … unexpectedly, blasting back into life, like a speed train, racing angrily, along the track. The coarse blackened growls return, as the pace quickens, in time with them. The rhythm’s maintained throughout and it ends on another set of darkened growls.

Overall – You might say that ‘Disobey’ is an aptly titled EP for an equally aptly titled band. The sound within certainly reflects this. In performance terms, it’s good, as is its sound quality and the expression definitely follows suit. It is, however, quite jarring in its conveyance of the material and becomes so harsh in places, as to be almost unlistenable, due to that grating edge. A smoother polish to the production and a little more rounding at the edges might enhance this feature, as may a slightly mellower touch, generally, with a bit more melody. The best thing it can do is to take its cue from ‘HTGK’, which as a stand-alone track, takes its overall score up from a 7, to a firm 8.

8/10 ********

For fans of black and death metal and melo-death.

Pre-order link:

Lyric Video – ‘Where’s God Now’ –

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Leashes – ‘Between The Lines’   Leave a comment

Heavy alt rock 4 piece Leashes, from London, present their new single release, ‘Between The Lines’. Its sinister overtones, affecting mood, with haunting sounds and noise elements combine with contagious melodies and catchy rhythms, in such a contradictory way that it makes for a heightened and thought-provoking listening experience.

Heavily inspired by the catastrophic results of blindingly following leaders and generic socio-political acts and inertia, with a particular emphasis on the loss and surrender of our own foresight and ability to ‘read between the lines’, it’s serious multi-level food for thought.

Between The Lines – Gradual tunnel like eerie keyboard intro, giving way to a heavy, full on rhythmic riff section and hard-core screams, amongst a melodic, alt rock backdrop. A crunchy bass line underpins it all, as the drums add the hardened edge and infectious beat and the vocals fly free, with catchy choruses, till the end. Upbeat vibes mingle with melancholic tones, making for an intriguing and unpredictable listen, as it barrels on, to the end. ‘B.T.L.’ is what you might call colourful chaos.

Overall – Exactly as claimed, ‘B.T.L.’ is enlightening and engaging, in spite of its darkness, as it’s strategically arranged, so it’s insightful, without being overwhelming and the light always overshadows it. Intermingling greyness and shadows with colour and light, ‘B.T.L.’ is delightful colourful chaos.

8/10 ********

For fans of Death Blooms

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Scanner – ‘In Your Head’   1 comment

Founded in 1979, in central Pennsylvania, by Joe Brady and Junnie Fortney, Scanner is a roots and punk inspired independent rock ‘n’ roll band, whose new 5 track EP release, ‘In Your Head’, is available from this month. Inspired by eclectic styles, including the founding fathers of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s hard rock and surf, 70’s glam and punk, ‘I.Y.H’. is a combination of alt, punk and soft rock, with various genre crossover twists and turns.

Frankenstein’s Flivver – Fresh, instant, lively impacting intro. Light-hearted heaviness, with lots of cymbal action. Heaps of enthusiasm, a typically punky sound and generally, a good start to the EP.

Never Go Back – Just as vibrant, there’s a big uplifting, feel-good factor about this. Lots of power and the sound quality rocks. Slight sleaze angle to it, but definitely more alt punk than sleaze. Ending abruptly, it may be a tad repetitive, but it’s consistently well performed, rhythmic and colourful. The melody’s its biggest draw.

Switchblades And Leather – Nice bass intro). Adding a heavier undertone, it sets the scene for a new and harder aspect. So far, this is the standout track, winning points for its lyrical imagery and sleazier edge. Also, for those sexy in and out breaths. This visually sensual direction holds an impressive pull.

Big Daddy Dragster Rock And Roll – Opening with that same lower, down tuned bass line, it works well, placing a whole new spin on it. Still light at heart, but at least there’s more meat on the bones now. Fading out well, with a reverb lyric, it’s fairly brief, but decent summer fodder, for bikers, with a softer edge.

TV Light – Cool chord intro, bringing an easy listening, Levellers-esque element, which works well. A mysterious Celtic edge enhances the folk blues sense to this and the melody’s catchy and very memorable. This has got to be my favourite track of all and though it’s short, it’s definitely fun and filled with feel-good, summery vibes, which’ll undoubtedly increase its appeal.

Overall – A rockily charming EP, best described as a sunburst of punky fun, with folky rays beaming out of it, ‘I.Y.H’. combines alt rock, with punk and light-hearted bluesy folk vibes, encasing it all in an interchangeable exterior of soft rock and sleaze. Perfect for a summer Fest.

7/10 *******

For fans of The Levellers, Green Day, The Superphone, The Offspring.

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Liholesie – ‘Fables’   2 comments

An accomplished Russian ethno-ambient band, Liholesie launched their demo in 2002. Following this, they released 4 albums and a collaboration with other bands, between 2004 and 2008. During a transitional phase, their sound experimented with traditional and ceremonial folk moods. They are now renowned within Russia. Things were quiet for a few years, until their next album, ‘The Fog Of Transition’, in 2016. The music is currently based on the natural world and spiritual aspects of experience, with a particular emphasis on Shamanism. This has taken the band’s sound forward, to the new EP, ‘Fables’, which has introduced new elements, from various influences, with more focus on ethnic and ritual music.

Pine Needle – Birdsong intro’s, with a mysterious knocking and panpipes and a ritual drum sound, with the sounds of nature in the background. Very evocative of forests, Celtic visions and dreamscapes, as the melody increases and is joined by stronger drums, rain sticks and bongos. It’s really just a beautiful escape into other worlds and ethereal landscapes and though it’s definitely much more world music than rock, it still rocks in its own way and if it’s laid-back relaxation you’re after, this is the business.

On The Shore – A much stronger, heavier atmosphere intro’s, with light percussion emphasis, more powerful ritual drums in the background and a darker, almost Gothic sense to it. There’s still light within it, including seagulls and cowbells, but always, that darkness lingers somewhere. A range of Celtic and natural world instrumentals flows throughout it, taking you on a journey of wonder and mystery, to higher planes.

North – Opening enigmatically, with a strong breeze of wind and an aboriginal didgeridoo sound, the cold is palpable, enhanced by the string section, building in strength. A good example of gentle strength is demonstrated here. The tension continues to build, as it grows more intense, to the point of hypnosis. Almost an instrumental chant, it’s really a focus on pure expressionism. Fading out on another, even more powerful, yet lighter breeze, interpretive sound probably sums it up best.

Overall – Undeniably beautiful and mesmeric, ‘Fables’ is all about reaching your own interpretation. As an inclusion in the rock genre, it’s admittedly hard to place and does, IMHO, fall more firmly into the world and ambient music camp. However, as tribal beats and ritual elements are now becoming more of a focus within rock arenas, who’s to say what belongs and what doesn’t? Ultimately, it all comes down to interpretation and interpretation is what ‘Fables’ is all about. As such, it’s seductive, engaging, captivating and unique.

8/10 ********

For fans of WUAUQUIKUNA (Salazar’s), WYKAN, Knifesex, Urze De Lume.


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Prior to posting queries in spam, please see the FAQ’s section. The answer’s probably in there. Thankyou.

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