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An accomplished Russian ethno-ambient band, Liholesie launched their demo in 2002. Following this, they released 4 albums and a collaboration with other bands, between 2004 and 2008. During a transitional phase, their sound experimented with traditional and ceremonial folk moods. They are now renowned within Russia. Things were quiet for a few years, until their next album, ‘The Fog Of Transition’, in 2016. The music is currently based on the natural world and spiritual aspects of experience, with a particular emphasis on Shamanism. This has taken the band’s sound forward, to the new EP, ‘Fables’, which has introduced new elements, from various influences, with more focus on ethnic and ritual music.

Pine Needle – Birdsong intro’s, with a mysterious knocking and panpipes and a ritual drum sound, with the sounds of nature in the background. Very evocative of forests, Celtic visions and dreamscapes, as the melody increases and is joined by stronger drums, rain sticks and bongos. It’s really just a beautiful escape into other worlds and ethereal landscapes and though it’s definitely much more world music than rock, it still rocks in its own way and if it’s laid-back relaxation you’re after, this is the business.

On The Shore – A much stronger, heavier atmosphere intro’s, with light percussion emphasis, more powerful ritual drums in the background and a darker, almost Gothic sense to it. There’s still light within it, including seagulls and cowbells, but always, that darkness lingers somewhere. A range of Celtic and natural world instrumentals flows throughout it, taking you on a journey of wonder and mystery, to higher planes.

North – Opening enigmatically, with a strong breeze of wind and an aboriginal didgeridoo sound, the cold is palpable, enhanced by the string section, building in strength. A good example of gentle strength is demonstrated here. The tension continues to build, as it grows more intense, to the point of hypnosis. Almost an instrumental chant, it’s really a focus on pure expressionism. Fading out on another, even more powerful, yet lighter breeze, interpretive sound probably sums it up best.

Overall – Undeniably beautiful and mesmeric, ‘Fables’ is all about reaching your own interpretation. As an inclusion in the rock genre, it’s admittedly hard to place and does, IMHO, fall more firmly into the world and ambient music camp. However, as tribal beats and ritual elements are now becoming more of a focus within rock arenas, who’s to say what belongs and what doesn’t? Ultimately, it all comes down to interpretation and interpretation is what ‘Fables’ is all about. As such, it’s seductive, engaging, captivating and unique.

8/10 ********

For fans of WUAUQUIKUNA (Salazar’s), WYKAN, Knifesex, Urze De Lume.


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