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Founded in 1979, in central Pennsylvania, by Joe Brady and Junnie Fortney, Scanner is a roots and punk inspired independent rock ‘n’ roll band, whose new 5 track EP release, ‘In Your Head’, is available from this month. Inspired by eclectic styles, including the founding fathers of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s hard rock and surf, 70’s glam and punk, ‘I.Y.H’. is a combination of alt, punk and soft rock, with various genre crossover twists and turns.

Frankenstein’s Flivver – Fresh, instant, lively impacting intro. Light-hearted heaviness, with lots of cymbal action. Heaps of enthusiasm, a typically punky sound and generally, a good start to the EP.

Never Go Back – Just as vibrant, there’s a big uplifting, feel-good factor about this. Lots of power and the sound quality rocks. Slight sleaze angle to it, but definitely more alt punk than sleaze. Ending abruptly, it may be a tad repetitive, but it’s consistently well performed, rhythmic and colourful. The melody’s its biggest draw.

Switchblades And Leather – Nice bass intro). Adding a heavier undertone, it sets the scene for a new and harder aspect. So far, this is the standout track, winning points for its lyrical imagery and sleazier edge. Also, for those sexy in and out breaths. This visually sensual direction holds an impressive pull.

Big Daddy Dragster Rock And Roll – Opening with that same lower, down tuned bass line, it works well, placing a whole new spin on it. Still light at heart, but at least there’s more meat on the bones now. Fading out well, with a reverb lyric, it’s fairly brief, but decent summer fodder, for bikers, with a softer edge.

TV Light – Cool chord intro, bringing an easy listening, Levellers-esque element, which works well. A mysterious Celtic edge enhances the folk blues sense to this and the melody’s catchy and very memorable. This has got to be my favourite track of all and though it’s short, it’s definitely fun and filled with feel-good, summery vibes, which’ll undoubtedly increase its appeal.

Overall – A rockily charming EP, best described as a sunburst of punky fun, with folky rays beaming out of it, ‘I.Y.H’. combines alt rock, with punk and light-hearted bluesy folk vibes, encasing it all in an interchangeable exterior of soft rock and sleaze. Perfect for a summer Fest.

7/10 *******

For fans of The Levellers, Green Day, The Superphone, The Offspring.

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