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Heavy alt rock 4 piece Leashes, from London, present their new single release, ‘Between The Lines’. Its sinister overtones, affecting mood, with haunting sounds and noise elements combine with contagious melodies and catchy rhythms, in such a contradictory way that it makes for a heightened and thought-provoking listening experience.

Heavily inspired by the catastrophic results of blindingly following leaders and generic socio-political acts and inertia, with a particular emphasis on the loss and surrender of our own foresight and ability to ‘read between the lines’, it’s serious multi-level food for thought.

Between The Lines – Gradual tunnel like eerie keyboard intro, giving way to a heavy, full on rhythmic riff section and hard-core screams, amongst a melodic, alt rock backdrop. A crunchy bass line underpins it all, as the drums add the hardened edge and infectious beat and the vocals fly free, with catchy choruses, till the end. Upbeat vibes mingle with melancholic tones, making for an intriguing and unpredictable listen, as it barrels on, to the end. ‘B.T.L.’ is what you might call colourful chaos.

Overall – Exactly as claimed, ‘B.T.L.’ is enlightening and engaging, in spite of its darkness, as it’s strategically arranged, so it’s insightful, without being overwhelming and the light always overshadows it. Intermingling greyness and shadows with colour and light, ‘B.T.L.’ is delightful colourful chaos.

8/10 ********

For fans of Death Blooms


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