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Founded during the mid-90s, in Volos, central Greece, Silent Winter are a 5 piece power/speed metal band, now presenting their current EP, ‘The War Is Here’. Earlier in their careers, they produced 2 demo tapes, which were ‘Silent Winter’ and ‘War Of An Angel’. They performed locally to them at that time, including some festivals. 2018 saw the new line-up and this current EP. ‘Far Away’ is a reworked version of the original and was their initial video. (Still accessible via YouTube).

Intro – Big orchestral, operatic metal intro. Short, but memorable.

War Is Here – Static electricity intro’s, through those jet-esque riffs! Huge sound in those vocals, soaring high, in that instantly recognisable way, which screams passionate, long perfected accomplishment. That voice could only be the voice of one meant for metal. Complete with glorious power screams, the collective sound is one of true power metal. Unstoppable rhythm, immediate catch, lightning fast speed and massive driven melodies, delivered with ice sharp focus. It’s got it all. Stunning.

Far Away – Hard edged drum intro, not missing a single beat. Very Dragonforce-esque material and those power screams are divine. Just filled with ecstatic vibes, incredible speed riffs, driving, relentless beat and everything you’d want in an unstoppable force such as this. Heightened moods and immense performances from all. Just a genius of screaming life force.

Sea Of Wonder – Gigantic opening, alive with magnetic power. Imaginative lyrics, tight, yet free-form performance, shining with spirit and gold standard metal. Great hooks laced throughout those choruses. Barrelling on, till the end, with vibrant determination and solid heart, this is a classic example of how to do true speed metal.

Eyes Of The World – Another electrified, banging intro, taking it up into the territory of metallic heaven. So sensuous and powerful, it’s unbeatable. Audible warmth and sincerity within those vocals and such strong accompaniments really do give it their all. These guys have to have been influenced by the best and born with metal coursing through their veins, cos they are as good as it gets. The best of metal lives right here.

Remember Me – Moving down into sombre, reflective mood now, here’s the versatility card and it’s simply beautiful. Very fantastical, imagery evoking, in a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ sense. Even adding a glockenspiel, for extra effect, the piano creates such poignancy, as do the deepened, thoughtful vocals and the brilliantly placed orchestral finale. This is pure magic in action.

Overall – Every now and then, a band or album comes along, which tears at your heartstrings. Well, this is the one. Silent Winter are magnificent, true gods of melodic speed power metal and ‘TWIH’ is metallic magic, of the highest order.

10/10 **********

For fans of Dragonforce, Farseer, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Yngwie Malmsteen, Aonia, Apparition, Turisas, Tragul, Shadowpath, Shadow Realm. (Video Clip – ‘Far Away’).


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