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A thrash metal band, from Mesa, Arizona, Intent was founded in 2016, by ex-Varkan members Jeremy Lambert (vocals, guitar) and Ricardo Hall (guitar) and also Garret Loper (drums). Guitarist Jimmy Nelson and bassist Alex Zucker would follow later. The debut album ‘Vox Populi’ was produced in 2018.

Number 12 Looks Just Like You – Careful fade in bass action,, followed by an explosive thrash assault. Harsh, aggressive vocals, fiery riffs and thunderous drums, all wrapped up in a punchy pace and melody. Driven, hard as hell and relentlessly heavy. Ending on a decent vibrato and an impassioned shout – that’s what you call thrash.

Vox Populi – Immediate hard-hitting riff intro, delivered alongside a pounding storm of percussion. Great fast pace, razor sharp rhythm and devilish rage in those vocals. Well fitting riff melodies, electrified movement, at times and a palpably scary warning in the lyrics. Picking up speed, faster and faster, heavier and heavier, it’s almost ritualistic in its physicality and darkness. Those riffs are so intense and highly impressive. A furious blast fest of fire and flames, both merciless and enthralling. Stunning.

Insight – Bang! Right in there, with a booming intro, steel entrenched, lead lined and majorly metallic. So thrashy, the melodies are orgasmic and the pace never lets up. Loving those anthemic heavy harmonies. A lot of varied sounds and influences in here, from old school Pantera, to raging hot Slayer and Exodus tones and modern Municipal Waste. A real melting pot of molten metal, with an extraordinary thrash result.

In My Blood – Another banging intro, of unstoppable, forceful, in-your-face thrash. An amazing amount of passion and conviction drives this forward and there’s just no surrender. Uncompromising, targeted, insistent fest of skull shattering metal.

Network Failure – Instant energy fuelled drum intro, rhythmic and determined. Almost a riff and drum harmony, it’s so in sync. Smoking hot riffs enflame the atmosphere, in an unrelenting drive towards hell. Liking the use of vibrato, 3/4 in. Really well-placed and the whole track’s just a strategic metallic rhythm of pure stamina.

Empty Graves – Exploding into life once more, in an all consuming pyre, of driven thrash rage, it sprints ever onwards. The drumming and riff intensity’s as sheer and as sharp as it gets and it just never ever lets up, for a moment. A blitzkrieg of massively enraged thrash.

Veinburster – Highly electrified, buzzing riff intro. Energised to the max and very Pantera-esque lyrics. A raging fire of thrash, borrowing from the school of Anthrax, in parts, but again, a great mixture of influential styles and techniques, bursting at the seams, with metal madness.

Tyrranicide – Moving down a few gears now, into sombre, gentler reflective mood, at least until the giant heaviness takes over again, riding roughshod over the rest, engaging and energising your senses, with an incredibly strong and passionate demonstration of unremitting fury. Blazing guitar work, fabulously melodic and sparking with life and anger. A speed feast of demonic and gloriously hellish metallic thrash extravaganza.

Overall – A brilliantly arranged work of heightened passion and unstoppable, driven, thrash metal genius. Unparalleled aggression, seething rage and conviction combine, to make this a thing of greatness. Every aspect works and its synchronicity’s flawless. Outstanding performance. Back to the roots of old school thrash, with Bay Area crossovers and a new wave twist. Get a slice of the extravagance that is ‘V.P.’ now.

10/10 **********

For fans of Pantera, Megadeth, Anthrax, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Slayer, Venom.


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