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Born during the early 1980’s, Traitor’s Gate are renowned for their exemplary classic NWOBHM EP, ‘Devil Takes The High Road’, now a collector’s item.

Some line-up changes took place, just before its release, in approximately ’85. That new line-up toured live till ’89 and as they’re the only one to have done so under the TG name, are widely thought of as the original line-up.

Lately, they had reformed, during the latter half of 2016, for a ‘one-off’ reunion gig, at Bro Fest 2017. Invites to play gigs around Europe rapidly succeeded that. Vocalist Dave Mclean left in early 2007. He was replaced by ex-Mayhem Messiah singer Siy Davies, whose vocal style and performance technique slotted right into TG’s unique form of power metal.

Three decades after their initial formation, TG return to the live arena once more. As their comeback album, ‘Fallen’ is the definitive proof they’re still as metal as ever!

Retribution – Perfect guitar break intro, instant sound of experience). A great classic, melodic track, immediately catchy, effortlessly rhythmic and highly listenable. Very Priest-esque and particularly Halford-esque vocals. Ideal for fellow fans of the old school metal sound). It flows easily and it’s performed with seasoned accomplishment written all over it. Couldn’t have been a better intro.

Homeland – Faster pace now, with that same ease and immediate vocal dexterity. Very much an example to all younger initiates, to the rock and metal community. Well honed and perfected delivery, everything in sync and even throwing in a few strategically placed impressive paradiddles. Ending on a pitch perfect power scream, this is what trad power metal’s made of.

Deceiver – Steaming in there with a nicely timed riff and drum intro. Slightly more ballady, with echoes of Whitesnake’s ‘Is This Love’, in places, whilst still rocking it back up again, with that sexy hardened edge. Those lighter notes are beautiful and the beat drives it on. Lots of ace riffage and a tasty gravel throated essence to those vocals. Catchy chorus, plenty of hooks and again, that Priest-esque sound rears its head. Delightfully metal.

Mean Streets – Heavy, chugging riff and drum intro. The drumming’s light and heavy in all the right places, with a good instinct for where to create and fill space. Great rhythm and melody, reminiscent of 90’s metal, as are the lyrics. Decent harmonies, impressive arrangements, accessible and always catchy. Enthusiasm never dropping, this could be the standout track. Absolutely faultless.

Edge Of Destruction – Slowing the pace down slightly, in a breathier track, with more of a laid-back vibe, till of course, it speeds back up again, taking it back in a very Priest-esque direction again, echoing ‘Screaming For Vengeance.’ Just a real classic touch throughout and some wizard riffs always adding more heat. Good vocal range and note holding capacity. Complete cohesion and the old school influence has served it well.

Solar Plains – Great active drum hit intro. Cracking straight into life, the vocals really come into their own here. Those riff melodies shine so bright aswell. This is just a fest of heart-warming, soul touching power metal and it rocks!

Fall From Grace – Back into heightened mode, for full on power). Loving the whole sound and feel. It just pulls you in and touches that place only metallers know. The energy just pours out. A slightly similar sound to Agincourt, in places. That Halford-esque voice really is quite astonishing. Injecting so much feeling into the atmosphere, all accompaniments are impeccably timed and the lyrics are so powerfully resonant, it just blitzes through the song, in complete ease. Sliding into the outro, this is pure intuitive metallic emotion. Love it.

Sign Of The Cross – Nice heavy touch to this intro, yet lightening and softening it in places, whilst never losing the metal edge. Real sincerity in that vocal lyrical expression. Such strength and passion in the entire collective delivery. Some bands really show their belief and conviction in their music, in their expression of it and TG are one of them. Coming to an end with a wonderful group harmony, there’s a special quality in TG’s music and it’s an honour and a privilege to hear it.

Only The Strong – Moving in a more vibrant direction, with that vocal harmony intro, something just lifted that sound and brought it even higher. There’s the magic of angelic references, though. A recommended track for anyone in need of strength and comfort. Just focus in on the lyrics, as there’s a power in them. Just let the lyrics carry you along. Beautiful track.

Fallen – Heavy steel intro, pounding with a determined, assertive energy. One more feast of that glorious voice. Riffing from metal heaven and powerful drumming, supporting and carrying it well. You might say that ‘Fallen’s almost an aural metallic trust exercise – one which actually works. Brilliantly. A great, powerful finale.

Overall – ‘Fallen’ is truly stunning and very real. It’s blend of old school influence, long experience and true passion lends it a power, imbuing the lyrics and performance with a special significance, easy to grasp and impossible to forget. A work of art, from genuinely dedicated genius.

10/10 **********

For fans of Judas Priest, 90’s metal, Agincourt, Whitesnake, classic rock.

Available now on No Remorse Records.


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