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A 3 track EP, released 7th September 2018, ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ is contemplative metal, co-produced by Chandrian  Kill and Brad Tuttle, (Seven), at Seventh Studios, USA. Following the launch of the single, ‘I Collide’, the EP is the first in a planned sequence. Its concept is a rough outline of the human condition, our awareness of such, the various roles we play within it and our identification with them. CK are unusual, in that they’re a 2 piece band.

I Collide – An easy, loose sound intro’s, launching straight into an alternative form. There’s just a real experimental thread to this, combining a spacey, prog angle, with light melody and generic vocals, with touches of metal core and death about them. Passable, but not much to write home about. That tunnel like sound becoming ever more present in modern metal makes an appearance and does just add a very slight edge, but I can’t get excited so far.

Filter Off – A chunkier, heavier sound intro’s now, raising hopes of a more powerful metallic direction. While it is generally harder, it is a bit dark, in a melancholy sense. Again, there’s that metalcore/grind core aspect to it, blending with the alt, space and melody. No quarrel with the performance itself. It’s really the presentation that just comes across as a bit of a damp squib. The whispered closing lyrics do hold power and could be said to be its strongest and most memorable draw. Greater focus on that element of mystery and meaning might yield more success.

Remain Alive – Now that’s much better! Lively drum intro freshens and enlivens the whole thing. A stronger melody emerges naturally, leading on from those drums. It still retains a melancholic feel, but at least now, that active drum pattern brings light and strength, opening the whole track up more powerfully. Good choice of closer. Moving in and out of that alt, metal core, space rock combo, there’s a stronger sense and sound to this altogether. Whilst it may not be the most vibrant or melodic track, the drum presence has at least brought it up, to a higher vibration.

Overall – Generally dull, but with a few redeeming features. The best of which is the drumming on ‘R.A’. Overstretching the melancholia and confusing the issue, by trying to combine too many genres, greater success would be had by focusing on fewer elements and homing in on the gothic possibilities within the whispered vocals, closing ‘F.O’. A good representation of the concept itself, but would benefit greatly from narrowing concentration down to specific areas of strength.

4/10 ****

For fans of alt, metal core, grind core, space rock.

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