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Located in Nashville, T.N., Evercross is a passionately edgy metal band, signed with Warfront Records. Multi-generational, it offers a signature sound, created from various inspirations. These include: early Metallica, Iron Maiden, Euro Metal, Power Metal, Lamb Of God and a selection of Nu Metal bands. Combining an intent to introduce a crushing sound, forming the basis of their faith centred message, Evercross aim to bring hope, solace and comfort to all.

Formed by guitarist Ryan Carver, the next on the scene were drummer Jacob Hannah, bassist Rick Mullins and vocalist Steven Rester. Their gigs so far include countless performances at Nashville’s Rocketown, The End and Branford FL’s Ellie Rays’s. Following their headline show at the internationally renowned Celtic, in Pascagula, MS, last month, the VFW, in Saraland and a mental health awareness show, at Bellshire pizza, Nashville, alongside many other Warfront Records colleagues, they’ve opened for Super Bob, at The Warehouse, Clarksville. Still to come, in August, are Ziggy’s, in Chattanooga, The Jam Shop and Copper Top in Alabama. Currently in preparation are performances in Illinois, Louisiana and Florida.

Flatlined – Mightily powerful, explosive intro! Genuinely hard-hitting, instantaneous impact. Passionate aggression characterises those vocals, ably supported by synchronised accompaniments and its sound falls, immediately, into the category of wake-up call. Very brief, but massively affecting. The level of energy displayed is startling and the delivery, flawless. Surpassing all expectations, given the bands’ background themes, ‘Flatlined’ is conveyed in an outstanding performance. The guitar sounds are a prominent feature, in themselves and each component’s just so striking. Energy fuelled, engaging and driven.

9/10 *********

For fans of Anthrax, Slayer, Exodus and other extreme metal outfits.



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