Formed 2005, WANTED INC were originally known as THE WANTED. Their debut EP, ‘There Is No God’ was launched in 2008. In 2009, they released ‘The Scarcollector’, a melo-death album, to much acclaim and several gigs followed, playing alongside famous bands.

Line-up changes led to them renaming themselves as WANTED INC, whilst their material grew thrashier and more involved. As of the 2012 release of ‘Demons We Created’, at Aexxys Art Studio, WI’s popularity and positive feedback has soared. The ‘Demons’ era included a slot at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Open Air 2013. 2014 saw the creation of EP, ‘King For A Day’.

Current album, ‘EMBARRASSMENT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT’, launched on 8th September 2018. An intricate prog thrash metal release, influenced by Testament, Megadeth, Agent Steel, Deathrow, Secrecy, Hades and Watchtower. As a live band, WI aims for as many stage appearances as possible, through which, they plan to prove their worth, as a modern thrash metal outfit.

Embarrassment To The Establishment – Unexpected acoustic intro, with a natural world background, before exploding into life, with a true thrash sound. Brief, but good start.

Fuel To The Fire – Continuing with that standard thrash sound, rapid speed riffs rule the day, growing relentlessly and remorselessly heavy. Frantic fury fuels this track and it’s definitely well titled. The riffs have free reign, to do as they please here and it has to be said, they really dominate the picture. It gives a strong impression of slightly prolonged improvisation. It’s clear they’re giving it all they’ve got, though a bit more variation wouldn’t hurt.

Grinder In Distress – Steel loaded heavy intro, with lots of guitar heavy involvement. Vocals often barely audible, though and the riffs seem to be the centre of everything. Not that there isn’t a great sound there and plenty of intricate riffage, but the vocals and drums are largely being drowned out. The cymbal action’s very evident, but there’s a general lack of cohesion.

Pancake Principle – Technical riffage intro’s. There’s a lot of slamming riffs going on and a better melody in here, but those vocals have got to come forward and turn up the volume. More melodic focus does alter the course of this track, which obviously benefits it, but the riffs are overpowering. Again, greater equality would bring a better rounded outcome to the song.

Displaced Settlement – Instantly, those riffs come in and yes, they definitely bring the melody to the track and though the vocals are slightly more audible now, the vocal microphone needs more gain and the collective volume needs better equalisation. Moving down to a heavier gear, the riffs continue providing the majority of the sound and though they’re undoubtedly proficient, it’s starting to sound like a solo guitarist. Everything just needs levelling out.

The Vance Kid – Opening with a very slight spoken vocal, it gets straight back into the riff central performance. The cymbals are sounding a tad tinny and overdone and it could do with more heavy drumming input. There’s no doubt the riffs are keeping the rhythm and in no small part, overcompensating for the lack of vocal accompaniments, but as impressive as that coruscating thrash riffage is, everything else needs to up its game. In parts, the vocals do reveal more of themselves, albeit very briefly, towards the end, but it’s nowhere near enough. There’s a significant imbalance going on, which needs rectifying.

Inherent Fatality – Faster now, the riffs speed in there and lurch towards a singular pace, as the vocals gain a slight advantage in volume, yet still insufficient. It’s getting there, vocally, but still a way to go. Liking the strong storm of drums, making its entrance, towards the end, though. That fits well. More than anything, the main message is the same – more vocal volume, more drumming and equal contributions for all.

A Human Criterion – Light drumming intro, quickly joined by riffs, which though skilled and capable, are repetitive and once more, drown out the vocals, struggling to be heard above them. As before, too much cymbal action and not enough drumming. A bit one-dimensional, in general terms.

Zombie Ragout – More of the same, but more drumming at the outset. Slight difference in vocals, adding in a few variations in style, although still too quiet to make much difference. Liking that one-off sharpened, Slayer-esque riff, just before the close, but have to say, it’s sounding a bit like the background music to a pinball tournament, in a near empty hall, with echoing acoustics and little else.

An Evening With Friends – Opening now with a gentle acoustic, momentarily, before blasting into life, with more thrash riffing. Backing style vocals cut a ghostly presence, in the shadows, as the riffs maintain a central role. They do provide a thrash bang, but they’re increasingly samey and do get a little wearing. Everything else is as if it’s a constant fade-out, in comparison. That manic closing laughter might work better, if more substance preceded it, but the whole track’s low in content.

Black Souls Matter – Much heavier intro. Doesn’t sound that different, though. I’m imagining a planetary clash in virtual space now. Good shrill note, punctuating the atmosphere, briefly, but there’s just too much of the same for any last-minute alterations to make the grade. Ending on a sound of a cricket, out for the kill, it’s misplaced and irrelevant.

Overall – Like one long riff solo, playing the same arrangements over and over again, while the rest of the band are MIA. It is thrashy, it is heavy and there is melody. However, it quickly becomes hopelessly repetitive, to the point of boring. The microphones urgently need checking and the virtual inaudibility of the vocals correcting. There’s a yawning gap between the levels of everything else, versus the riffs and improv can only go so far. As a source of background fodder, it’s adequate, but as anything more, it just doesn’t cut it.

7/10 tracks 1-4 ******* 6/10 tracks 5-11 ******

For fans of Bullriff Stampede, Dread, Come The Light.



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